Realigned G&H Expands Capabilities Up the Value Chain for Aerospace and Defense

The extreme operating environments and stringent demands of aerospace and defense applications require optical platforms to deliver uncompromising performance, precision, and reliability – from systems all the way down to the component level. Such high standards demand a level of expertise and control over the design, manufacturing, and assembly of optical systems that individual component suppliers can struggle to provide.

As a leading global supplier of advanced optical solutions, G&H recognized the most effective way to resolve this challenge for customers was to extend our capabilities further up the value chain. Our solution began with a string of strategic acquisitions that added Kent Periscopes, StingRay Optics, and Gould Fiber Optics into the G&H fold, followed by an internal alignment of the complementary technologies and manufacturing synergies that these companies brought.

Expanded and realigned, G&H can now confidently provide higher-level optical assembly or system solutions and innovate new solutions for aerospace and defense contractors. Our more vertically integrated structure also optimizes our ability to leverage broader research, design, and manufacturing synergies across our business and enable customers to achieve greater profitability through lower execution costs and higher margins.


Acquired by G&H in 2016, Kent Periscopes’ product range continues to be sold under the Kent brand.. But the addition of Kent gained us more than a portfolio of electro-optic sighting systems for armored fighting vehicles (AFVs). The subsequent alignment of our two businesses combined G&H’s extensive offering of precision optic components with Kent’s systems integration and testing expertise. What emerged from this union is a more vertically integrated enterprise better positioned to offer end-to-end design, manufacturing, and testing support for optical solutions in the global aerospace and defense industry.

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Valuable synergies emerged, for example, as we aligned our high-quality optical component manufacture and coating capabilities with the Kent team’s expertise in multi-spectral optical system design and assembly. These synergies have allowed development of complex new optical systems and greatly expanded G&H’s ability to support imaging applications in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Our integration of Kent also introduces new opportunities in rangefinding, target tracking, and acquisition, and directed-energy weapon (DEW) systems.

The ruggedized optical systems and subsystems offered by the Kent line fits neatly with our corresponding expertise in ruggedized optical components and assemblies, offering contractors unique opportunities to cost-effectively optimize the reliability of their systems from the ground up.

Further positioning G&H as a new one-stop source for optical solutions, the integration of Kent introduces significantly broadened capabilities for testing optical solutions through every stage of development, from components through finished systems. We can now support development of prime contractor designs with 3D solid modeling; fast prototyping through 3D printing, finite element analysis (FEA) simulation; thermal, shock, and vibration testing; and environmental stress screening.

The value of G&H’s more vertically aligned design, manufacturing, and testing services for optical solutions cannot be overstated for prime contractors, who are actively seeking to consolidate their supply chains to achieve greater profitability through lower execution costs and higher margins. 

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G&H’s acquisition of US-based StingRay Optics two years ago occurred against the backdrop of a new wave of interest in infrared imaging for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions for aerospace and defense. The immediate benefits were a significantly diversified portfolio of infrared optics, expanded production capacity, and streamlined access to the US aerospace and defense market through broader compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The most important gain, however, was the emergence of a new, more vertically integrated industry resource able to help prime contractor customers consolidate their supply chains, improve margins, and ensure product quality.

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While infrared imaging has been a fixture in aerospace and defense applications for decades, the industry has seen adoption accelerate with the growth in UAVs and satellite platforms, as well as from emerging applications for shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging. The integration of StingRay put us ahead of the curve on all of these trends. Today, the StingRay name and product portfolio continue as a brand of infrared imaging solutions under the G&H flag.

Prior to this, G&H had for decades been a leading supplier of ruggedized infrared aspherics and other optics, with proven applications in rangefinding, reconnaissance, surveillance, target identification and designating, and thermal imaging. The addition of StingRay brings a significant expansion to our SWIR, midwave (MWIR), longwave (LWIR), and broadband lens component offerings, enabling us to expand our support for these key application markets.

These standard products represent only a fraction of StingRay’s portfolio, however; most of its business derived from custom infrared lens design, testing, and assembly. So with the addition of StingRay, G&H gained full production capabilities for complex optomechanical assemblies and finished infrared imaging systems. We also acquired inroads into new application markets, such as helicopter gimbal platforms and space-based imaging.

As a more vertically integrated global leader in infrared imaging technology, G&H can now provide contractors with higher-level optical assembly or system solutions and can innovate those solutions organically. With the internal alignment of StingRay, we can also leverage broader research, design, and manufacturing synergies across our new businesses and achieve greater profitability through lower execution costs and higher margins.

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With G&H’s acquisition of Gould Fiber Optics last year, we not only complemented our active fiber optic solutions with a broad new portfolio of passive fiber components, we also extended G&H’s value along two important vectors: We opened new opportunities in regional aerospace and defense markets, and enabled our company to capture a larger portion of that industry’s value chain.

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Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Gould streamlined G&H’s access to the US aerospace and defense market through broader compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). In addition, they enhanced our design and manufacturing leadership, and positioned us to deliver more vertically aligned fiber optic solutions in support of improved quality, margins, and time-to-market for prime contractors worldwide.

Gould’s passive components encompass single and multimode fiber optic couplers, splitters, wavelength-division multiplexers (WDM), attenuators, interconnects, and planar waveguides. However, the strategic value underlying Gould goes well beyond this list of components.

For example, the newly integrated company combines G&H’s leadership in fused fiber optic components with Gould’s sophisticated manufacturing capabilities in polarization-maintaining fiber couplers. The confluence of these technologies promises fiber optic assemblies for metrology and inertial guidance solutions that are more accurate and reliable across broader temperature ranges versus conventional systems. 

Gould further introduced new fiber pre-processing capabilities that enable a wider range of multiple-port-count components able to support high-power applications. This distinctive capability offers particular value to aerospace and defense contractors developing directed-energy weapons.

These examples only touch the surface of the innovation potential that emerged for G&H Aerospace and Defense. 

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