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Polymer Optics

IR AR: Multi-Spectral Coatings

Innovation Beyond the Spectrum

G&H, pioneers in advanced optical technology, introduces its high-quality Multi-Spectral Infra-Red Anti-Reflective (IR AR) Coatings. These coatings are expertly designed to fulfill an array of applications across different industries, offering a perfect fusion of adaptability, precision, and robustness.

Our Multi-Spectral IR AR Coatings are unique in their capability to optimise light transmission across different wavelengths. Whether you need coatings for Silicon, Germanium, Multispectral ZnS, Zinc Selenide or Chalcogenides, G&H has a solution. Each coating can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to delivering bespoke, customer-centric solutions.

One of our standout offerings is the Multi-Spectral IR AR Coating optimised for VIS 1.535 and 3-5µm on GLS. We also offer coating variants for MS ZnS and ZnSe. Each coating is designed with a focus on efficiency, reliability, and high performance.

At G&H, quality assurance is not just a process, but an inherent attribute of our offerings. Our Multi-Spectral IR AR Coatings satisfy the stringent military environmental conditions as stipulated by MIL-C-48497A. This includes Para for Adhesion, Para for Humidity, and Para for Abrasion, ensuring the coatings are as resilient as they are effective.

Investing in G&H’s Multi-Spectral IR AR Coatings means choosing a solution that combines technical excellence with enduring performance. These coatings drastically reduce surface reflection across the infra-red spectrum, ensuring the highest quality of signal transmission and information delivery, every time.

As an industry-leader, G&H remains at the forefront of delivering pioneering optical solutions. Our Multi-Spectral IR AR Coatings exemplify our commitment to blending innovation with efficiency.


  • Optimised for 8-12µm on Germanium (also available on MS ZnS and ZnSe)


  • Silicon
  • Germanium
  • Zinc Sulphide
  • Zinc Selenide
  • Calcium Fluoride
  • Barium Fluoride
  • Magnesium Fluoride
  • Chalcogenides
  • Nickel-plated Aluminium


  • MIL-C-48497A
  • Para Adhesion
  • Para Humidity
  • Para Abrasion

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