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Business Acquisitions


  • We use targeted, complementary business acquisitions to accelerate our strategy through accessing new adjacent markets and combining products of acquired businesses with those of our existing Group to offer our customers a larger range of subassemblies and systems.
  • We create value by realising synergies in the areas of complementary technologies, customer access, operational and supply chain leverage and the application of best practice business processes.


  • Following the conclusion of the earn-out associated with our acquisition of the ITL business we have accelerated the integration of the business with the rest of the G&H Group.
  • This includes the integration of products from across the Group to provide high value offerings to our customers.
  • The ITL business has continued to grow its order book which now stands at a record level.
  • We are continuing to look for further acquisition opportunities which could extend the Group’s technology and market reach. The financial strength of the Group means that it is well placed to quickly execute on these opportunities as they arise.

Future Priorities

  • We will look to generate value creation opportunities, both from revenue and operational cost base synergies.
  • We will continue the further development and execution of our acquisition pipeline.
  • We are establishing new contacts with sell-side advisors to ensure we are kept informed of acquisition opportunities that may be a match to our business acquisition criteria.
About Us

Our history

Visit the Our History page to read about the over 70 journey from single facility in Somerset, UK, producing quartz-based components to the multi-site business we are today.