Technology Innovation: R&D

Technology Innovation R&D

G&H is proud of its long history of innovation in photonics technology and manufacturing. Today, G&H is advancing in multiple complementary directions:

Our Commitment

G&H is committed to being the supplier of exceptional optical materials and photonic components that enable both differentiated new products and cutting edge science.

High technology requires the very best materials and processes to probe the limits of the possible. We support scientists working on cutting edge materials and photonics. We continue to innovate with new crystal growth, optic, fiber fabrication, and assembly processes.

G&H rigorously practices the scientific method of producing models and confirming with data. Most technical mysteries have simple root-causes, typically hidden or intermittent variables and connections. A combination of several of these at once can lead to considerable complexity. Finding the solution requires the use of carefully designed and controlled experiments to separate causality from coincidence. We find the important signals separated from the noise.

Extending the cutting edge of photonics

G&H is committed to extending the cutting edges of photonics:  in wavelength, speed, power, and intensity.  For example,

  • Expanding optics coverage out in both the deep UV and the long wave mid-IR
  • Pushing Pockels cell modulator speeds to beyond 1 MHz
  • Developing higher damage threshold coatings for 266 nm BBO SHG
  • Ramping up high speed detector power handling limits

Today’s limits are tomorrow’s comfortable specifications.

New technology and new applications drive us

  • Modern electronic manufacturing is enabled by photonics technology. G&H is on the forefront with multiple products for new microelectronics fabrication and metrology systems.
  • The ascendency of fiber lasers based on telecom technology is one of the most important trends in photonics. G&H supply modulators for all major industrial fiber lasers.
  • Medical diagnostics and therapeutics products are enabled by our fiber-coupled sensing, metrology, and fiber laser products.
  • As space is the final frontier, we work to include satellites in the internet revolution.

Eight technology development centers across the UK and USA

G&H is an active consortium of eight different technology development centers spread across the UK and USA. Coordination between our worldwide G&H sites creates new technical capabilities and even deeper vertical integration.

With this wide range of enabling photonics components we are leveraging our excellence in materials and manufacturing to move up the value chain to the design and production of complex sub-assemblies and complete systems.

G&H is currently engaged in photonics and electronics system development activity in multiple growth areas including optical test and measurement, spectral imaging, space communication, fiber lasers, and OCT imaging.

To take G&H’s system capabilities even further, we have established the Systems Technology Group We are passionate about building commercial photonics and can now offer our customers complete solution design engineering and manufacturing capabilities.