Technology Innovation: R&D

Technology Innovation R&D

G&H has always been on the cutting-edge of innovation. Forward thinkers, we have a proven history of pioneering R&D and world class product development in photonics technology and manufacturing.

As we continue to evolve and innovate, we are making significant advancements in a number of complementary areas:

  • Our commitment to developing new fundamental components and materials
  • Evolving advanced applications through the building of new assemblies and modules
  • Moving rapidly up the value chain into complete solutions


G&H is committed to being the supplier of exceptional optical materials and photonic components that enable both differentiated new products and cutting-edge science.

We achieve this by developing high performance technology, driven by unrivalled market-leading materials, processes and people, to continually push the boundaries of what is possible.

We are proud to actively support scientists working on cutting-edge materials and photonics, so we can continually innovate and improve our acousto-optic, crystal growth, electro-optic, precision optic and fiber optic fabrication component and assembly processes.


To make the world a better place, we continually develop, adopt and refine new photonics technologies to ensure we are engineering for the future. Examples include:

  • Expanding optics coverage out in both the deep UV and the long wave mid-IR
  • Pushing Pockels cell modulator speeds to beyond 1 MHz
  • Developing higher damage threshold coatings for 266 nm BBO SHG
  • Ramping up high speed detector power handling limits

By pushing the boundaries of photonics innovation in wavelength, speed, power and intensity, we can make today’s limits tomorrow’s baseline specifications.


We are at the forefront of new technology and applications across a whole host of sectors and industries.

  • Life Sciences and Biophotonics
    Our fiber-coupled sensing, metrology and fiber laser products, are key enablers of medical diagnostics, surgical and therapeutics products. 
  • Industrial and Telecom
    Enabled by photonics technology, we are a driving force behind micro-electronic manufacturing, supplying a range of products for new micro-electronics fabrication and metrology systems. The ascendency of fiber lasers based on telecom technology is a key, and crucial, trend in photonics. G&H supplies modulators for all major industrial fiber lasers used around the globe. We are working to ensure greater undersea telecom capacity.
  • Aerospace and Defense
    Space is no longer the final frontier, we are pioneering work to include satellites in the internet revolution with the development of optimal size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) technology for low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations.


Through active participation in a worldwide consortium of eight technology development and excellence centers, we have new and far-reaching technical capabilities. 

Combining this with our excellence in materials and manufacturing, we design and produce some of the most complex sub-assemblies and complete systems for key growth areas including optical test and measurement; semiconductor processing, quantum optics, spectral imaging; space communication; fiber lasers; and OCT imaging.


Our component development and design for manufacture and assembly expertise (DFMA) combined with our passion and expertise in commercial photonics, means we can offer complete solution design engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Our expertise enables our customers to be more efficient and competitive.

The future of photonics is exciting, and G&H is proud to be paving the way to a brighter and better tomorrow.