Ilminster Expansion


G&H Ilminster is part of the G&H Group of companies, global leaders in photonics; the science of light. We are part of a fast-growing industry with boundless applications for the advanced photonics components and subsystems that we design and manufacture. Our products and systems are used worldwide in industry, telecommunications, aerospace &defense, life sciences and scientific research. Our innovative solutions operate in plant machinery, military equipment, on aircraft and submarines, in laboratories, hospital theaters and even in space.

The Group was founded in Ilminster and have been a significant local employer since 1948. Our abilities, technologies and business goals continue to dynamically grow and our future prospects are dazzling. We must strengthen our team here as we strive to beat our customers’ expectations in terms of delivery, quality, compliance and value. We recognize that our people are key to our business success and we are committed to investing in our people through talent management.

We are looking for people that are passionate about pursuing a career in advanced engineering, who are dynamic, committed, motivated and willing to learn new skills. Is this you? Whether you work in manufacturing, engineering, facilities, customer services, finance or health and safety; whether you are a student or an experienced professional, opportunity awaits at G&H Ilminster.

Whatever your talents and career aspirations, we are a team you can thrive in. The roles available in our business are as varied as the world-class photonics subsystems and components that we design and manufacture. They are technical and non-technical; operational, managerial, administrative, analytical and diagnostic. Take a look at our career opportunities and apply to shine with us.

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