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G&H target telecom technology for space

Paul Hosking, Sr. Optical Systems Engineer Satellite operators are looking for innovative solutions to allow high data rate downloads without violating the resource constraints on micro-satellites. This...

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Temperature-Stable Lithium Niobate Q-switch

Dr. Dieter Jundt, VP Research and Development Gooch & Housego offers temperature-stable electro-optic Q-switches for operation over a wide range of temperatures. Our devices solve the problem...

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Three new patents for G&H

Dr. Murray Reed, CTO We are pleased to announce that G&H was awarded three new patents for novel photonic applications and devices in the course of 2013. All...

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AOTF Spectral Imaging for Cancer Detection

Alex Fong, VP, Life Sciences High throughput screening of multiply stained clinical pathology samples is currently a difficult and laborious task requiring expert review. In examining a...

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Precision Optics News

The purchase of Spanoptic Ltd in October indicates an important extension to Gooch & Housego’s Precision Optic capabilities. G&H Precision Optics manufacturing in Ilminster, UK and Moorpark,...

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MINERVA - MId-to-NEaR infrared spectroscopy for improVed medical diAgnostics

Image of prostate tissue using mid-IR. [Courtesy of University of Exeter] MINERVA is a European Commission funded project that aims to develop photonic technology in the mid-IR...

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New High Temperature Acousto-optic Devices

Late last year, G&H (UK) Acousto-Optic Product Manager Rob Swain received a request from a global equipment and service provider for us to build an AO...

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New EM750 Narrow-Linewidth Semiconductor Laser

The Gooch & Housego EM750 represents a new generation of OEM narrow-linewidth lasers. It is based on the EM650 family of integrated DFB lasers known for...

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