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LIFT - Leadership In Fiber Laser Technology - concludes with a review of its successes

LIFT - Leadership In Fiber Laser Technology - is a collaborative project which had its final and successful review in September after four years of ground breaking...

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Further improvements to G&H’s Superpolishing capability

Gooch & Housego, the world’s leading provider of superpolished optical components, now introduces new CaF2 superpolished substrates. Calcium Fluoride polished substrates complement GH’s existing line of...

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OL490-NUV Agile Light Source – multi application variable UV and visible light source

Gooch & Housego has recently introduced the OL490-NUV, a new UV range version of its popular OL490 Agile Light Source. The OL490-NUV is a unique digitally...

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Systems Technology Group designs Optical Delay Line for OCT

The Gooch & Housego Systems Technology Group (STG) together with the engineering team at G&H Torquay has designed a motorized optical delay line (see illustration) for...

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