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Polymer Optics

Dichroic Filters

Decoding the Colours of Safety: Enhancing LED Display

In the world of military vehicle operation, clarity and colour accuracy are critical for efficient communication and safety. Our dichroic filters, equipped with high in-band transmission and out-band blocking, are revolutionising the display of LED indicators in armoured military vehicles, offering maximum colour saturation and purity.

Navigating the challenging environments of military operations requires tools and technologies that are reliable, precise, and resilient. The LED indicators in armoured military vehicles serve as a vital source of communication, conveying critical information to the vehicle operators. At the core of these LED displays are our high-precision dichroic filters, designed to deliver superior visual clarity and colour accuracy.

Dichroic filters work by selectively transmitting light in a particular range of wavelengths (colours) while reflecting the remainder. They are engineered with multiple microscopic layers that interfere with incoming light to provide the desired filtering effect. The resulting high in-band transmission and out-band blocking give our dichroic filters the ability to deliver maximum colour saturation, a crucial feature for LED displays in military vehicles where signal clarity is paramount.

Sharp transitions from the transmission band further enhance the performance of our dichroic filters, significantly increasing colour purity. This characteristic allows for clear differentiation between different LED colours, ensuring that each indicator's meaning is unmistakable. In the high-stakes environment of military operations, this clarity can be vital, contributing to swift decision-making and operational safety.

The versatility of our filters extends to the range of wavebands they can handle. Our dichroic filters are designed to accommodate wavebands from VIS (visible) to NIR (near-infrared), providing wide-ranging application possibilities. This versatility opens doors to advanced communication and display technologies, ensuring our dichroic filters remain at the forefront of industry innovation.

Beyond their technical specifications, the real impact of our dichroic filters lies in their application. In the field, they improve the performance of LED indicators, increasing their visibility and reliability. The improved displays mean safer, more effective operations for military personnel, a testament to our commitment to safety and excellence.

In essence, our dichroic filters are more than just precision-engineered optical components; they are vital tools enhancing safety and efficiency in critical environments. By delivering superior colour saturation and purity, they enhance the performance of LED displays in armoured military vehicles, ensuring vital information is clearly communicated when it matters most.

Product Features

  • High in band transmission and out band blocking gives maximum colour saturation.
  • Sharp transitions from transmission band, increases colour purity.
  • Wavebands from VIS to NIR.

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