G&H, Ilminster Achieves BS EN9100:2016 Standard

Ilminster, 14 February 2018

Crown copyright, Cpl Babbs RobinsonWe are pleased to announce G&H, Ilminster has undergone a successful transition assessment to BS EN9100:2016 performed by BSi and equivalent too AS9100 Rev D.

The award of this revised standard for aerospace supply manufacturing is a significant achievement. Our staff at the Ilminster facility worked to reach the standard in parallel with receiving record order levels, instigating programs to restructure the business and major capital investment. In addition an extensive recruitment campaign has been initiated.

The report from the BS EN9100 assessment team highlighted the fact that there were no major findings in the Ilminster manufacturing processes, something rare in this hard to achieve standard.

Having the high quality of our manufacturing certified with the BS EN9100:2016 standard is important. Alex Warnock, COO said:
“This should provide our customers with assurances that we have the bandwidth to not only drive growth, but meet with one of the most stringent accreditations our target markets demand. Whilst the A&D markets play a key role in delivering the company’s strategic growth plan as a whole, the BS EN9100:2016 standard is also seen as an opportunity to establish a new baseline within our business management systems to strengthen our expanding infrastructure and underpin our ability in achieving best in class within all our target markets.”