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Polymer Optics

Helmet Mounted Display Patches

Revolutionising Aviation

In the high-stakes environment of military and civilian aviation, advanced situational awareness is indispensable. G&H stands at the forefront of this critical domain, offering pioneering helmet mounted display (HMD) technology that's transforming how information is conveyed to pilots. By integrating crucial data directly onto the helmet’s visor, G&H's HMD technology enhances response times, reduces workload, and optimises mission success.

Utilised in modern helicopters and fighter aircraft, our HMD patches are designed and manufactured to project aircraft flight and weapon data directly into the pilot's line of sight. This innovative technology bypasses the need for pilots to divert their attention to various cockpit instruments, allowing them to focus on their primary objective: ensuring safety and accomplishing their mission effectively.

Boasting extensive experience in crafting these sophisticated coatings for diverse platforms, G&H delivers HMD patches renowned for their unparalleled uniformity contrast, colour consistency, and neutrality. Whether applied to glass or plastic visors, our patches maintain their superior performance, enhancing the pilot's visibility and information processing.

We don't merely aim to meet the industry's technical challenges; we strive to offer exceptional value for money. Our tailored design service allows us to meet individual system parameters, providing bespoke solutions that cater to unique requirements.

Choosing our HMD patches means investing in high-adhesion coatings for contoured plastic visors. These patches offer maximum durability, presenting unbeatable value for money using cockpit compatible materials. They provide high contrast display patches that deliver brighter, sharper images, even under high-glare conditions.

Our uniform display patches increase contrast and colour consistency over the display patch, significantly improving visibility. Furthermore, we offer customer-designed patches to meet specific needs and the ability to coat very thin substrates with high aspect ratios, reducing visor weight.

In essence, our HMD technology is a game-changer for the defence and aviation industry. By merging innovation, expertise, and a relentless commitment to excellence, we provide solutions that not only enhance pilot performance and safety but also revolutionise the flight experience.

Product Features

  • High adhesion coatings on contoured plastic visors, which allows light weight and enhanced durability in a cockpit compatible material.
  • High contrast display patches, giving a brighter sharper image visible in high glare conditions and increasing the data source lifetime.
  • Highly uniform display patches increasing consistency of contrast.
  • Ability to coat very thin substrates with high aspect ratios, offering reduced visor weights.
  • Angle of Incidence compensated coatings giving consistent brilliance across the entire display.

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