Quality Assurance

The G&H Quality function incorporates site based quality management, compliance activities, process and tools and continuous improvement.

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Industrial Photonics R&D

Industrial markets are G&H’s largest sector and the company continues to develop new components and systems for existing and emerging industrial applications. The fiber-optic and semiconductor laser technology originally developed for telecomm continues to penetrate into industrial applications such as material processing, micro-electronics manufacture and remote sensing where the benefits of reliability, small size and lower cost of ownership are compelling.

G&H has multiple funded research programs working closely with leading industrial laser suppliers to develop the next generation of systems for their applications.

These include:

High Power Adaptable Laser beams for material processingHALO will develop and apply research into laser welding technology with a view to improving both efficiencies and capabilities in this area.


Integrated Air Quality Sensor for Energy Efficient Environment Control INTASENSE integrates a number of micro- and nano-sensing technologies onto a common detection platform, producing a low-cost miniaturised system that measures air quality and identifies the nature and form of pollutants.


Integrated disruptive componentS for 2µm fiber LAsersISLA is a research and development project with a key aim to push forwards the boundaries of current laser material processing technology from 1μm to 2μm and thus increasing the system power by a factor of ten.


LIFT - Leadership In Fiber Laser Technology
The LIFT project will establish international leadership for Europe in the science, application and production technologies for material processing by fiber lasers through the development of innovative laser sources.