Laser World of Photonics preview

We’re busy getting ready once again for Laser World of Photonics, the international trade fair for the laser and photonics industry.

This year, our product display will focus on key products for applications in laser materials processing for microelectronic manufacture, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging. As ever, our product managers will be on hand to answer any queries you may have, so it will be well worth you paying us a visit.


We have three facilities – two in the UK, and one in the US – dedicated to the design and manufacture of acousto-optic control products for industrial laser systems.

From our factory in Fremont, CA,  we will be showing the Dual Drive. This next generation device is fully reconfigurable with dual RF outputs for two independent RF channels with a fast parallel interface as well as USB controllability. Ideally suited for controlling a two element phased array acousto-optic (AO) beam deflector, the driver can also be used to drive two single element AO beam deflectors for two-dimensional scanning.

Also from Fremont, we’ll be showing an acousto-optic beam defector (AOBD) for UV laser systems at wavelengths down to 266 nm. The defector is ideal for high speed scanning applications in micro machining, inspection systems, via drilling and graphic imaging.

From our Ilminster, UK site we’ll have two acousto-optic modulators. These are ideal for extra-cavity modulation or power control of high power CO laser system installations at 5.5 µm, 9.4 or 10.6 µm wavelengths.

From G&H (Torquay) we’ll also be displaying our award-winning fiber-coupled modulator, the awarding winning range of fiber coupled acousto-optics devices. The Fiber-Q® range, is used for Q-switching and for pulse picking.  New new models in the range including UV and visible wavelength with hermetic versions also available.


We’ve been making Pockels cells based on our own crystals in Cleveland, OH since 1973. At Laser World of Photonics we’ll be displaying the newest model in the industry-standard QX series Pockels cell product line, the QX1014A. This latest KD*P based model is perfect for minimizing round trip losses in Ti:Sapphire regenerative amplifiers. It employs short path length components to reduce nonlinear self-focusing in higher peak power applications and temporal pulse broadening in femtosecond applications.

Every Pockels cell needs a driver and the new HVR-Drive is designed to switch BBO Pockels cells in OEM laser systems. Used for pulse management in high repetition rate ultrafast laser regenerative amplifiers, the new driver can drive Pockels cells at 1/4? or 1/2? up to 7.5 kV and up to 100 kHz. The driver produces a “Top Hat” waveform with fast rising and falling edges.

Fiber Optics

Our newest fiber optic components includes a display of the many fiber laser system components available from G&H.

Pulsed fiber lasers are now ubiquitous in industrial, biomedical and scientific applications. The broad range of optical technologies available to us at G&H allows us to make the critical components for these lasers. Our fused fiber technology provides passive components used in the monitoring and pumping of pulsed lasers. Our optoelectronic packaging capability produces pump lasers, seed lasers and the component at the heart of many ultrafast lasers, the SESAM.

Photonics Assemblies

G&H have long pioneered advances in OCT technology. This year at Laser World of Photonics we will have our Small Form-Factor Optical Delay Line and Optical OCT Spectrometer. The delay line display will comprise a working model.

The delay line is based on a customizable chassis that can be adapted to incorporate additional optical components. The unit is designed to be easily incorporated into any modular optical coherence tomography (OCT) system architecture.

For communications applications in the future, space photonics will be an essential enabling technology. Optical fiber amplifiers (OFAs) are key building blocks in laser communication terminals and telecom photonic payloads. The Hydra is a booster OFA designed for space and harsh environments.

High Precision Lenses for Multiple Applications

At this year’s Laser World of Photonics we will also showcase new capabilities following our acquisition of StingRay Optics, designer, manufacturer and supplier of world class, high performance lenses across multiple wavelengths, including in the infrared – short-wave, mid-wave and long-wave. The addition to the G&H group of StingRay Optics and their lenses complements our existing lens capability and we will also include the Barle 25 mm SWIR lens in the display.

Both StingRay and G&H lenses are designed for use in rugged environments in applications as diverse as agricultural monitoring, border security, hyper spectral imaging, lidar, machine vision, space, and UAVs.

Will we see you at Laser?

We ‘d love to see you at the show.  Why not visit us for a coffee or cold drink on our stand, hall 2, at booth 303 where you can talk to our dedicated product managers about all these products and more. Whatever your OEM photonics needs, our experts will be on hand to advise regarding your industrial, life science, and defense imaging, sensing and laser challenges. Book an appointment to meet us now or email us in advance at


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