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Polymer Optics

Longpass Edge Filters

Illuminating the Spectrum for Optimal Application Performance

G&H’s Longpass Edge Filters are pioneering tools for spectrum manipulation, designed to ensure precise and reliable optical performance. Utilised in a myriad of industrial and life sciences applications, including the next-generation of ground-based telescopes. These filters epitomise our commitment to enhancing system performance and signal purity.

In the dynamic field of optics, the ability to control and manipulate light plays a pivotal role in many industrial and life sciences applications. One such instrument is the Longpass Edge Filter, an optical marvel designed to transmit wavelengths greater than the filter's specified cut-on wavelength. At G&H, we manufacture high-quality Longpass Filters that aid in isolating specific portions of the spectrum, ensuring precise, effective, and consistent results.

Our Longpass Filters, known for their high transmission and out-of-band blocking over the specified waveband, offer improved signal-to-noise ratios. This feature is crucial in applications where unwanted signals or 'noise' can hinder performance or even lead to inaccurate results. By blocking these undesired wavelengths, our filters ensure that only the necessary light is transmitted, leading to clearer, more reliable outputs.

Sharp transitions from the transmission band is another feature that sets our Longpass Filters apart. This characteristic increases signal purity, which is paramount in applications where different wavelengths of light can result in different observed phenomena. With sharp transitions, our Longpass Filters provide a clean cut-off, ensuring that only the wavelengths longer than the cut-on are transmitted. This enhances the reliability of results and the efficiency of the applications.

The versatility of our Longpass Filters is further showcased when they are used in conjunction with Shortpass Filters to create custom bandpass filters. This pairing allows for a precise selection of a certain band of wavelengths while blocking others, offering a higher degree of control over the transmitted light.

G&H offers an extensive variety of Longpass Edge Filters, suitable for performance in the ultraviolet, visible, or infrared wavelengths. This breadth of options ensures that whatever the application, we can provide a filter tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Product Features

  • High transmission and out of band blocking over specified waveband which increases the system’s signal to noise ratio.
  • Sharp transitions from transmission band, increases signal purity.

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