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Military Laser Protection Filters

Safeguard Your Forces with G&H's Laser Protection Filters: Your Vital Armour on the Battlefield

At the forefront of defense technology, G&H's Military Laser Protection Filters provide essential protection for the occupants of military vehicles from high-powered lasers used on today's complex battlefields. Trusted by governments worldwide, our filters are more than just a component; they are an integral part of the safeguarding system which allows our service personnel to survive to operate.

G&H is uniquely positioned as the only independent coating company to be accredited by the US Tank Command (TACOM) for the supply of filters to MIL-DTL-62422-AT. This accreditation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and reliability. Our track record speaks volumes of our capability - having delivered over 250,000 of these filter types, you can find our filters in use on premier vehicles such as the Abrams Tank, the family of Stryker vehicles, Challenger 2, and VBCI.

Our dedicated laser test facility ensures that all our filters are 100% fit-for-purpose. Each filter undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions. Furthermore, our strict adherence to ITAR compliance, a mandatory US Government requirement, underlines our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of responsible export control.

We offer both standard and multi-channel filters, tailored to a wide variety of operational needs. Each filter is engineered to deliver high colour neutrality and unparalleled levels of clarity, ensuring a clear view even under poor lighting conditions. This combination of colour accuracy and enhanced visibility provides our forces with the critical advantage they need on the battlefield.

G&H’s Military Laser Protection Filters: providing essential protection and crystal-clear visibility for your most demanding missions. Trusted by global defence forces, we continue to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions that stand up to the challenges of modern warfare.

Equip your forces with G&H's Military Laser Protection Filters and gain a crucial advantage on the battlefield.

Standard Laser Protection Filters Features:

  • TACOM approved which means no qualification is required.
  • Customer focused, ITAR compliant, Export Compliance System. We’ll even write your licenses for you.
  • Dedicated Laser test facility which means all filters are 100% tested.

Multi-Channel Laser Protection Filters Features:

  • High colour neutrality giving a clearer view.
  • High levels of clarity giving a clearer view in poorer light conditions.

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