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Polymer Optics

Neutral Density Filters

Your Reliable Ally in High-Intensity Applications

Tame the unruly power of light with G&H’s Neutral Density (ND) Filters. Tailored for Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, or Infrared (IR) applications, these filters play a crucial role in imaging or laser operations, particularly where excessive light can jeopardise the functionality of camera sensors or other optical components. From demanding military vehicle applications to complex aircraft Head-Up Display (HUD) systems, our ND Filters reduce transmission evenly across a portion of the spectrum, ensuring the safety and accuracy of your mission-critical operations.

G&H | Artemis' Neutral Density Filters serve as the first line of defence in preventing potential damage from excessive light exposure, especially in high-stake settings such as military vehicles or aircraft HUD systems. In these scenarios, where every detail counts, our filters ensure that your sophisticated optical equipment remains intact and functional, shielding them from potentially harmful light intensity.

Moreover, these filters stand as a bastion of accuracy in photometer applications. Light can be both an ally and a foe in these situations, and excessive illumination can lead to erroneous readings. Our Neutral Density Filters act as a light moderator, preventing excessive light from skewing your results and ensuring the precision of your measurements.

Designed with precision, our filters operate by reducing transmission across a selected spectrum. They function by absorbing or reflecting the portion of the light that is not being transmitted, enabling them to maintain balance and control in environments where light can potentially overwhelm.

In the domain of colour integrity, our Neutral Density Filters excel. They reduce light transmission without distorting the original hue of the light source, a feature indispensable in several scientific, photographic, and cinematographic applications. This ability to regulate light without sacrificing colour fidelity sets G&H filters apart.

G&H’s Neutral Density Filters: the precision-based solution for your light control needs. With our filters, you gain not just a tool, but a reliable ally that safeguards your equipment, ensures accuracy, and delivers results in even the most demanding conditions.

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