Integrated Disruptive Components for 2 µm Fibre Lasers (ISLA): Project Overview and Passive Component Development

EU FP7 project ISLA (Integrated disruptive components for 2 micron fiber Lasers) aimed to define and develop a set of components and tool-kit of processes.

In this paper, an overview of the EU FP7 project ISLA (Integrated disruptive componentS or 2 μm fiber Lasers) is given. The aim of ISLA was to develop a set of “building block” components and a “tool-kit” of processes to define an integrated modular common platform for two micron fiber lasers consisting of compatible and self-consistent active and passive fibers, fused fiber couplers and combiners, fiber-coupled isolators, modulators and high power pump laser diodes.

We also present results from our work on developing passive components for 2 μm fiber lasers. This includes high power pump combiners that have been tested up to 0.5 kW and combiners for in-band pumping of holmium lasers. Couplers for use as splitters, power monitors and wavelength division multiplexers have also been demonstrated. Wideband
couplers, with a coupling ratio that only varies ± 12% over 400 nm, have also been developed to exploit the wide tuning range possible with thulium fiber lasers.