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Manufacturing Facilities


  • We have state of the art manufacturing facilities located in the UK, the USA and China.
  • Through our continuous improvement we frequently deliver robust and reliable products to our customers to the most demanding quality standards. This is supported where appropriate by strategic long-term relationships with our third-party suppliers.
  • Our capital allocation policy ensures we invest to equip our facilities with the latest capabilities to secure new business and enhance our margins.


  • We are making good progress on our site consolidation programme which are reducing our footprint and our fixed cost base.
  • Production has now been transferred from our Glenrothes and Baltimore facilities and those two sites have closed.
  • We have also completed the transfer of production from our St Asaph site to Ilminster enabling us to relocate our R&D team there to a newly equipped facility.
  • We have substantially completed the transfer of the production of acousto-optic products from Ilminster to our Asian contract manufacturing partner.
  • Our real time operations dashboard has been fully developed and deployed to our site operations managers.

Future Priorities

  • We will complete our site consolidation programme and bring it to a successful conclusion in FY2022.
  • We will develop a new low cost Asian supply source for our high reliability fibre couplers in FY2022.
  • We will further build upon the strong relationship we have established with our Asian contract manufacturing partner and deploy our supply chain processes designed to reduce risk and develop more collaborative working relationships with a smaller number of key suppliers.
  • With additional G&H supplier quality engineers we will complete an expanded programme of improvement reviews with our higher value and higher risk suppliers in FY2022.