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Polymer Optics

Optical Assemblies: Cemented Optics

Navigate through challenging environments with the unparalleled protection.

Expertly designed to shield delicate optical coatings from severe conditions, our cemented optics offer an exceptional fusion of durability and optical precision. These custom-built components are widely used in robust applications like periscopes in tanks and military vehicles, as well as sophisticated equipment like advanced cameras and ophthalmic lenses.

Our cemented optics are the result of our meticulous bonding process. Two or more glass or plastic lenses are seamlessly bonded together using a top-tier optical adhesive. This unique assembly not only protects the sensitive optical coatings but also enhances the overall performance of the optic by reducing the number of air-to-glass surfaces, thereby reducing potential light loss and distortion.

G&H's cemented optics are more than just resilient; they are built to perform in the most demanding environments. Whether it's in the rough terrains traversed by military vehicles or in the intricate world of high-precision optics, our cemented optics stand up to the challenge, delivering consistent, high-quality performance.

We understand the diverse needs of various industries, which is why our cemented optics are fully customizable to meet your specific application requirements. From size and shape to the type of lenses used, we offer an array of customization options to ensure that your cemented optic perfectly fits your equipment and operation.

G&H is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field of optics. With our cemented optics, we bring you the perfect blend of performance, precision, and protection. By choosing our cemented optics, you're investing in components that not only survive in tough environments but thrive in them.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive optical coatings are protected, and enjoy the exceptional performance of G&H cemented optics.

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