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Polymer Optics

Optical Assemblies: Conductive Window Assemblies

Clear Vision, Uncompromised Efficiency!

Enhancing visibility in challenging environments by providing reliable de-icing and early warning display panel functionalities. With applications extending from aviation to marine and land vehicles, our conductive window assemblies are an integral part of any system requiring clear, unfettered visuals amidst demanding conditions.

Crafted with precision and superior engineering, our conductive window assemblies feature in-house busbar and braiding capabilities, ensuring a complete and streamlined product solution. We utilise fully oxidised coatings, lending stability and resilience over time, making our assemblies a durable investment for your operation.

Understanding that every operation has unique demands, we offer design customization to match your specific requirements from 8Ω - 200Ω/cm². An optional anti-reflection overcoat is available to increase system transmission, optimizing performance without compromising on clarity.

Maximizing functionality without intruding on visual space is critical, and we understand this. Our assemblies offer maximum clear apertures to provide large viewing areas without compromising electromagnetic compatibility. Highly consistent busbar dimensions minimize the need for system compensation, promoting a smooth operational experience.

Furthermore, our conductive window assemblies are available as multi-coated assemblies, with options such as Night Vision Goggle compatibility and Stray Light Reduction. This versatility ensures that no matter what your specific operational needs may be, our conductive window assemblies can be tailored to meet them.

G&H is at the forefront of integrating innovation with functionality. Our Conductive Window Assemblies embody this spirit, providing reliable performance without compromising on quality or efficiency

Product Features

  • In-house busbar and braiding capabilities offer complete product solutions.
  • Fully oxidized coatings, which are stable over time.
  • Designed to match your specific requirements from 8Ω - 200Ω/cm².
  • Anti-reflection overcoat options to increase system transmission.
  • Maximum clear apertures offering maximum viewing areas, without compromising Electro-Magnetic Compatibility.
  • Highly consistent busbar dimensions minimizing the need for system compensation.
  • Available as multi-coated assemblies e.g. NVG and/or Stray Light Reduction.

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