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Polymer Optics

Optical Assemblies: Head up display combiners

Empower your operations with the leading-edge technology of G&H | Artemis' Head-Up Display (HUD) Combiners.

Designed with the user in mind, our HUD Combiners offer unmatched clarity, brightness, and intuitive information overlay. By projecting critical data onto a transparent screen, our HUD combiners create a virtual image that seamlessly blends with the real-world view. From the cockpit of an advanced aircraft to the windshield of a modern vehicle, G&H | Artemis is at the forefront of enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Our HUD solutions, integrated with advanced rugate filters, ensure high colour neutrality and image brightness. These filters boast single or multiple colour-selective notches, offering the flexibility to choose the colours you wish to reflect. This tailor-made approach to colour selection puts control in your hands, resulting in a user interface that suits your specific application. The coatings on our combiners are designed to accommodate varying angles of incidence, ensuring consistent brilliance across the entire display.

Beyond just providing crystal-clear imagery, our HUD combiners contribute to the overall performance and longevity of your system. G&H | Artemis' single or dual plate HUD combiners allow you to select the technology that best matches your application. To further boost system performance, we also offer a plate matching service. Our combiners are renowned for their uniform, environmentally robust coatings that deliver consistency and durability.

G&H is dedicated to merging cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, a philosophy that shines through in our HUD combiners. From aviation to automotive applications, our HUD solutions are pushing the boundaries of user experience, transforming the way information is visualised, and ultimately, the way decisions are made. Trust G&H | Artemis for a superior viewing experience, where clarity meets sophistication.

  • Rugate filters offering higher colour neutrality and higher image brightness.
  • Single or multiple, colour selective notches, allowing you to choose the colour, or colours, you want to reflect.
  • Amplitude Graded Combiners available, giving seamless display balance.
  • Angle of incidence compensated brilliance across the entire display.
  • Single or dual plate combiners allowing you to choose the technology that best fits your application.
  • Plate matching service available for enhanced system performance.
  • Coatings so uniform that the brilliance will be highly consistent across the plates.
  • Environmentally robust coatings, ensuring longevity of the combiner.

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