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TX series pockels cells product image

TX series pockels cells

Operating in the 300–1300 nm wavelength range with large active apertures from 19.5–99 mm, at a repetition rate up to 1 kHz.

Full Product Description
Hard aperture diameter:
19.5 - 99.0 mm (see table)
Single pass distortion:
λ / 20
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Product description

These Pockels cells offer a voltage contrast ratio that is greater than 8000:1 at 1064 nm. Featuring axially adjustable windows for sub-millimeter control of window/crystal spacing and 224 TPI differential screws for arc-second adjustment of windows parallelism or net wedge.

The TX series represents the most advanced large aperture optical isolators commercially available and incorporates state-of-the-art features, such as specially modified cylindrical-ring electrode geometries for optimum aperture extinction and transmission uniformity and minimum optical path length.

Key features

  • Axially adjustable windows for sub-millimeter
    control of window/crystal spacing
  • 224 TPI differential screws for arc-second
    adjustment of input/output windows parallelism
  • Double fill/drain ports
  • Individually accessible crystal faces for convenient inspection or cleaning
  • 50 Ω transmission line drive configuration is
  • Precision milled and epoxy-free
  • A range of apertures available


Hard aperture diameter19.5 - 99.0 mm (see table)
Crystal deuteration95% ²
Single pass distortionλ / 20
Electrical source and termination50 Ω

Typical SpecificationsTX2042TX2650TX3460TX5065TX7595TX100D
L x H x W (mm) ¹85x80x8597x87x92102x95x103115x111x119151x136x144157x 161x169
Hard aperture19.5 mm25.5 mm 33.5 mm49.5 mm73.5 mm99.0 mm
Weight1.1 kg 1.4 kg 1.9 kg 2.7 kg5.4 kg7.5 kg
OPTICAL (1064 nm)
Single pass insertion loss3.5% 4%5%5%6.5%7%
Voltage contrast ratio crossed polarizers8000:18000:16000:13000:1800:1200:1
Voltage contrast ratio parallel polarizers 3000:12500:11500:1 500:1300:1100:1
Maximum residual birefringence<10 nm<12 nm<18 nm<20 nm<40 nm<80 nm
DC halfway voltage6.4 kV6.4 kV6.7 kV6.9 kV7.3 kV7.7 kV
Capacitance @ 1 kHz 23 pF27 pF32 pF56 pF86 pF115 pF
10-90% risetime1 nsec<2 nsec2 nsec 3 nsec 5 nsec7 nsec

¹ L=housing length along optic axis direction; W=width between electrical terminals; H=height

² 99% deuterated KD*P and UV-grade KDP also available in certain sizes. Please inquire.

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