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AA1418 Series

Designed for applications where low relative intensity noise (RIN) and stable polarization-maintaining properties are needed, with 40 mW output at the C-band (1537–1565 nm).

Full Product Description
1537–1565 nm
Output power:
Pₒₚ=40 mW
Laser drive current:
Iₒₚ¹: 240–350 mA
Linewidth :
2–5 MHz
Side mode suppression:
35 dB (P=Pₒₚ)
Fiber type:
PM or non-PM single mode fiber, acrylate
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Product description

This module is ideal for applications where high power, low relative intensity noise (RIN), and stable output power are needed.

The AA1418 contains a high-efficiency cooler, high-performance isolator, thermistor, and monitor detector and is designed and built using G&H’s high-reliability platform for defense applications.


Long haul WDM transmission, RF links, Seeding, Pulsing, Sensing, CATV

Key features

  • ITU grid wavelengths, 50 or 100 GHz spacing
  • Low RIN
  • High isolation
  • High efficiency TEC
  • Polarization-maintaining or single-mode fiber
  • Laser welded, hermetically sealed
  • Built in thermistor and monitor photodiode
  • Tested to Telcordia GR-468 Core/MIL-STD-883


Wavelength1537–1565 nm
Output powerPₒₚ=40 mW
Laser drive currentIₒₚ¹: 240–350 mA
Linewidth 2–5 MHz
Side mode suppression35 dB (P=Pₒₚ)
Relative intensity noisePeak value: -140 dBc/Hz (P=Pₒₚ)
Optical isolation55 dB (Fₒₚₜ within C-band)
Polarization extinction ratioMin: 20 dB
Temperature tuning coefficient-11 GHz/° C (chip temperature)
Kink screeningNo kinks, Min: Iₜₕ + 50 mA, Max: 1.1 * Iₒₚ mA
Threshold currentMax: 30 mA (Iₜₕ)
Operating chip temperature-20–65° C
Laser forward voltageMax: 3 V (I=Iₒₚ)
Monitor photo diode currentMin: 100 µA (P=Pₒₚ)
Monitor photo diode dark currentMax: 100 nA (Vbias=-5 V)
TEC current0.1 A (T=25°C), Max: 2.2 A (T=65°C)
TEC voltage 0.1 V (P=Pₒₚ, Tchip = 25° C), Max: 6 V,
Thermistor resistance9500–10500 Ω (T=25° C)
Thermistor β coefficient3892 (0 / 50°C)
Thermistor Steinhart-Hart coefficientsA = 1.1291e⁻³, B = 2.3413e⁻⁴, C = 8.7674e⁻⁸
Fiber typePM or non-PM single mode fiber, acrylate
Fiber jacket materialAcrylate
Fiber core diameter8 μm
Fiber outer diameter125 μm
Fiber buffer diameter250 μm
Fiber lengthMin: 1.0 m
Fiber bend radiusMin: 35 mm
Fiber proof strength100 kPSI
ConnectorFC/APC (other connectors available upon request)
Output polarizationPolarization parallel to slow axis

¹Iₒₚ and Tₒₚ are defined on device specific test sheet supplied with each unit.


See datasheet in Downloads for mechanical drawing.

2Thermistor13Laser anode
3Laser cathode (Bias)12Laser cathode ( optional bias T )
4Monitor PD Anode11Laser anode
5Monitor PD cathode10Case

Absolute maximum ratings *MinMax
Storage temperature-40° C85° C
Operating case temperature-20° C +65° C
Laser forward current500 mA
Laser reverse voltage2 V
Photo diode photo current10 mA
Photo diode reverse voltage20 V
TEC current2.2 A
TEC voltage6 V
Thermistor current2 mA
Thermistor voltage5 V
Lead soldering time10 s
Lead soldering temperature250° C
ESD (human body model)500 V

* Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only and operation of the device at or beyond these conditions is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum ratings for extended periods of time may affect device reliability.

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