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Fiber-Coupled Pump Lasers product image

9XX Uncooled Multi-Mode Lasers EM32X

A 14-pin butterfly package, uncooled, fiber-coupled, multi-mode pump laser that is available for a variety of wavelengths including 915, 940, 960 or 975 nm, with an output power of up to 7 W.

Full Product Description
915 nm, 940 nm, 960 nm, 975 nm
Output power:
Pₒₚ, 975m model: 6 W, 915, 940, and 960nm models: 7 W
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Product description

With a hermetically sealed ceramic package, this pump laser is designed for high brightness with reliable and robust packaging and is available with a thermistor and a monitor photodiode.

This module is pigtailed using a step-index fiber with a 0.15 or 0.22 numerical aperture, with a 105 µm core diameter and is compliant with Telcordia GR-468-CORE

Key features

  • Laser welded and epoxy free
  • Uncooled
  • Built-in Thermistor
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Telcordia GR-468-CORE compliant


Wavelength915 nm, 940 nm, 960 nm, 975 nm
Output powerPₒₚ, 975m model: 6 W, 915, 940, and 960nm models: 7 W
Center wavelengthI = Iₒₚ, Min: -10 nm, Max: +10 nm
Operating voltageI = Iₒₚ: Max: 2.2 V
Operating currentP = Pₒₚ; 975nm model: Max 8 A, 915, 940, and 960nm models: 9 A
Threshold currentTyp: 0.4 A, Max: 0.6 A
Wavelength drift vs temperature0.3 nm / ° C
Spectral width17 dB down from peak: 6 nm
PD reverse voltageMax: 20 V
PD current@ max Iₒₚ, 0.1 mA, 25 mA
Operating case temperatureMin: 0° C, Max: 25° C
Thermistor resistanceT = 25° C, 9500 Ω, 10000 Ω, 10500 Ω
Thermistor β coefficient0 / 50° C: 3892
Fiber typeStep index
Fiber jacket materialPVDF
Numerical aperture toleranceMax: +0.02 (See ordering info)
Fiber core diameterMin: 102 µm, Typ: 105 µm, Max: 108 µm
Fiber cladding diameterMin: 123 µm, Typ: 125 µm, Max: 128 µm
Fiber buffer diameterMin: 235 µm, Typ: 250 µm, Max: 265 µm
Fiber jacket diameterTyp: 900 µm
Fiber jacket lengthFrom end of boot, Min: 75 mm, Max: 95 mm
Pigtail lengthMin: 1 m

Models available

Pin out

PinDescription Pin Description
2Thermistor13Case GND
3Monitor PD anode12NC
4Monitor PD cathode11Laser cathode
5Thermistor10Laser anode
6Monitor PD cathode9Laser cathode
7Monitor PD anode8NC

Maximum ratings

Absolute Maximum Ratings*MinMax
Storage temperature-40° C+85° C
Operating case temperature-20° C+70° C
Laser forward current11 A
Laser reverse voltage2 V
Photo diode photo current20 mA
Photo diode reverse voltage20 V
Thermistor current2 mA
Thermistor voltage5 V
Lead soldering time10 s
Lead soldering temperature250° C
Fiber pull force5 N
Fiber bend radius35 mm
ESD (human body model)500 V

* Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only and operation of the device at or beyond these conditions is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum ratings for extended periods of time may affect device reliability

Models available

Wavelength915 nm915 nm940 nm940 nm960 nm975 nm975 nm975 nm
Power7 W7 W7 W7 W7 W7 W6 W6 W
Numerical aperture0.