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NightCrawlIR Group Shot

NightcrawlIR MWIR Lens Assemblies

Utilizing unique aperture specific fore optics and a modular base to maximize performance, Nightcrawlir lenses are purpose-built from the ground up for the demands of high resolution applications.

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Product description

Each NightcrawlIR lens is ruggedized for tactical application with a sealed front lens flange interface and additional features for convenient payload, enclosure, and dewar installation.

All lenses ship standard with our StingWare™ Controller featuring:

  • Metric zoom and focus mechanisms offering positioning precision and repeatability
  • Temperature adjusted focal length and object distance
  • Active athermalization functionalities

The controller utilizes integrated hardware on the lens cells to minimize system hysteresis to accurately and repeatedly report back exact focal length and object distances. This means never losing steps and no drift over temperature.

Key features

  • Aperture specific configurations – no extenders
  • Ruggedized for tactical application
  • IP67 at front lens
  • Optional DLC coating
  • 19-22 mm cold shield heights supported
  • Supports up to 16.4 mm HD image formats
  • StingWare™ Controller included on all lenses
  • Metric zoom and focus mechanisms
  • Athermal compensation
  • Fully configurable controller interface
  • Multiple communication protocols
  • Adaptable for power supplies from 12-24 V


Part numberSR3823-A01 SR3822-A01SR3821-A01SR3820-A01
Focal length42–850 mm33–660 mm21–420 mm16.5–330 mm
Waveband3.4–5.0 µm
Image format<16.4 mm diagonal
Cold stop height19–22 mm
NFOV (horizontal)0.86° (1280, 10 μm pixel) 0.65° (640, 15 μm pixel)1.11° (1280, 10 μm pixel) 0.83° (640, 15 μm pixel)1.75° (1280, 10 μm pixel) 1.31° (640, 15 μm pixel)2.22° (1280, 10 μm pixel) 1.67° (640, 15 μm pixel)
WFOV (horizontal)17.3° (1280, 10 μm pixel) 13.0° (640, 15 μm pixel)22.0° (1280, 10 μm pixel) 16.6° (640, 15 μm pixel)33.9° (1280, 10 μm pixel) 25.8° (640, 15 μm pixel)42.4° (1280, 10 μm pixel) 32.4° (640, 15 μm pixel)
Average transmission %82%
BWD (in air)27.12 mm
  • NightcrawlIR SR3820

    NightCrawlIR lens SR2820
  • NightcrawlIR SR3821

    NightCrawlIR lens SR2821
  • NightcrawlIR SR3822

    NightCrawlIR lens SR2822
  • NightcrawlIR SR3823

    NightcrawlIR lens SR3823

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