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G&H StingRay MWIR 3–5 μm lens

Ruby MWIR Lens Assemblies

Achromatically correct over a range of 3–5 μm, Ruby lens systems offer a 1" cold shield height, an F/2.3 collecting aperture, and are suitable for use with up to 21mm diagonal image formats.

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Product description

This series is ideal for F/2.3, F/2.5, or F/4.0 cameras. All focal lengths include manual focus with lock and the IR industry's standard bayonet mount.

All lenses ship standard with our StingWare™ Controller featuring:

  • Metric zoom and focus mechanisms offering positioning precision and repeatability
  • Temperature adjusted focal length and object distance
  • Active athermalization functionalities

The controller utilizes integrated hardware on the lens cells to minimize system hysteresis to accurately and repeatedly report back exact focal length and object distances. This means never losing steps and no drift over temperature.

Key features

  • Robust
  • Reliable


Wavelength3–5 μm

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