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FireAnt lens

FireAnt SWIR Lens Assemblies

A shortwave infrared continuous zoom solution that utilizes SWIR specific materials and anti-reflective coatings for high-performance transmission and resolution.

Full Product Description
0.9–1.7 µm
Focal length:
40–400 mm
5.6 (constant through zoom)
Image format:
Up to 16.4 mm diagonal
1.83° FOV (1280, 10 µm pixel), 1.37° FOV (640, 15 µm pixel)
18.18° FOV (1280, 10 µm pixel), 13.7° FOV (640, 15 µm pixel)
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Product description

Purpose-built for performance in tactical situations, each lens in the series is ruggedized for the harshest applications.

Supporting wavelengths from 0.9–1.7 µm, FireAnt lenses are achromatically corrected and are compatible with a wide array of commercially available InGaAs cameras.

Our FireAnt series has a continuous zoom focal length range from 25–250 mm, a maximum aperture of f/1.8, and an image diameter of 21 mm. It is designed with a constant aperture through the zoom range to avoid the loss of critical photons. This approach also means no vignetted image as you zoom to narrower field positions, an issue present in many of the off-the-shelf visible-recoat SWIR approximations.

All lenses ship standard with our StingWare™ Controller featuring:

  • Metric zoom and focus mechanisms offering positioning precision and repeatability
  • Temperature adjusted focal length and object distance
  • Active athermalization functionalities

The controller utilizes integrated hardware on the lens cells to minimize system hysteresis to accurately and repeatedly report back exact focal length and object distances. This means never losing steps and no drift over temperature.

Key features

  • Constant F/# through zoom
  • Ruggedized for tactical application
  • Supports up to 16.4 mm HD image formats
  • StingWare™ Controller included on all lenses
  • Metric zoom and focus mechanisms
  • Athermal compensation
  • Fully configurable controller interface
  • Multiple communication protocols
  • Adaptable for power supplies from 12-24 V


Wavelength0.9–1.7 µm
Focal length40–400 mm
F/#5.6 (constant through zoom)
Image formatUp to 16.4 mm diagonal
NFOV1.83° FOV (1280, 10 µm pixel), 1.37° FOV (640, 15 µm pixel)
WFOV18.18° FOV (1280, 10 µm pixel), 13.7° FOV (640, 15 µm pixel)
Operating temperature-30°–80°C
AR coatingHigh-durability per MIL-PRF-13830
  • FireAnt Zoom

    FireAnt zoom lens

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