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Polymer Optics

Rugate Filters

The Ultimate Enhancer for Head-Up Display Systems

Dive into a new realm of optical precision with G&H | Artemis' Rugate Filters. Designed and manufactured to deliver unprecedented colour neutrality and image brightness, our Rugate Notch Filters are your trusted ally for superior optical performance. Renowned for their application in Head-Up Display (HUD) systems, these filters offer single or multiple colour-selective notches, empowering you to choose the specific colour or colours you wish to reflect, thus fine-tuning your visual experience.

G&H's Rugate Filters stand as an epitome of excellence in the world of optics. In the arena of Head Up Display systems, where image clarity, brightness, and accurate colour representation are paramount, our filters consistently deliver unmatched performance. These systems project critical flight or driving information onto a transparent screen in the pilot or driver's field of vision. Our filters ensure this information is presented with ultimate clarity and precision, reducing eye strain and enhancing decision-making in high-pressure scenarios.

Designed employing innovative techniques, our Rugate Filters bring the power of single or multiple colour-selective notches to your HUD systems. This unique feature allows you to tailor the filter's performance to reflect only the desired colours, ensuring that the projected information remains in sharp focus and is free from colour distortions. The enhanced colour neutrality achieved with our filters guarantees accurate colour perception, a critical aspect in many navigation and control tasks.

Moreover, our Rugate Filters are designed to boost image brightness, a crucial factor in Head Up Display systems where dim displays can compromise safety. Our filters ensure high levels of transmitted light, meaning the projected information appears bright and clear, even under varying lighting conditions.

Our Rugate Filters are the outcome of meticulous design and manufacturing processes that prioritise performance, versatility, and safety. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and precision ensures our filters stand out in terms of delivering superior optical performance.

Harness the power of G&H's Rugate Filters to unlock unparalleled visual clarity, precision, and brightness in your Head-Up Display systems.

With G&H at your side, experience the perfect blend of technology and functionality, and drive your HUD systems towards new horizons of performance.

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