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Polymer Optics

Stray Light Reduction Filters

Illuminate the Critical, Dim the Distractions

When it comes to the intricate field of optics, G&H's Stray Light Reduction Filters are a critical component in managing the balance of light in a wide array of applications. From aerospace to automotive, medical to consumer electronics, our filters proficiently reduce unwanted or distracting light, ensuring optimal performance of your systems. With technologies including polarisers and dichroic filters, our offering can be customized to fit the specific needs of your application, delivering the perfect blend of light control and durability.

Our Stray Light Reduction Filters serve as the vanguard against unnecessary light distractions. In applications where precision is key, such as aerospace navigation systems, automotive head-up displays or medical imaging devices, these filters are essential. By allowing you to focus on the pertinent information and discarding the rest, they enable better decision-making, improved accuracy and increased safety.

At G&H, we understand that every light source and application has unique requirements. To cater to this, our filters can be designed with bespoke viewing angles for each light source, ensuring they suit your particular application perfectly. This means that each light will be viewable across precisely the right angle, enhancing the effectiveness of your systems.

Our Stray Light Reduction Filters are also known for their resilience. Crafted to resist the elements, these filters are highly resistant to moisture, solvents, and physical abrasion. The result is a robust and long-lasting solution that stands up to the rigours of any environment, from the cockpit of a fighter jet to the dashboard of a car or the touchscreen of a medical device.

When choosing G&H, you'll benefit from our wealth of experience and the high-quality, cockpit-compatible materials we've tried and tested over the years. These materials form the core of our Stray Light Reduction Filters, providing you with an array of proven, optimal solutions.

G&H’s Stray Light Reduction Filters embody our commitment to precision, reliability and longevity.

Trust in the superior light management of our filters and let us bring clarity to your world.

Product Features

  • A number of technologies, including polarisers and dichroic filters, from which to choose the right solution for each application.
  • Bespoke viewing angles for each light source to suit your particular application.
  • Highly consistent cone of incident angle which means that each light will be viewable across exactly the right angle.
  • Highly resistant to moisture, solvents and physical abrasion, ensuring a tough and long lasting solution.
  • A range of tried, tested and cockpit compatible qualified materials to choose the ideal solution from.

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