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Polymer Optics

UV, Vis, NIR AR: Single Layer Coatings

Clear Vision, Superior Performance

We believe in empowering the vision of the future with our ground-breaking Single Layer Anti-Reflective Coatings. Designed to enrich the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), and near-Infrared (NIR) spectrum, these coatings are versatile, high-performing, and adaptable for numerous applications.

Our anti-reflective coatings are a game changer in the world of optics. They exhibit remarkable durability and a unique insensitivity to the angle of incidence. This robust nature, combined with the capacity to be optimised for any wavelength from 0.4µm to 2µm, makes them a sought-after solution across different industries.

As a testament to our uncompromising commitment to quality, our Single Layer Anti-Reflective Coatings comply with various military environmental conditions, namely, MIL-C-675A, MIL-M-13508C, and MIL-C-14806A. This ensures that our coatings are not just optimised for superior optical performance, but are also equipped to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Hence, we offer an array of standard coatings including Single Layer, V-Coat, Dual Band, Multi-Layer Broadband, and Extended Band. These options provide our customers the flexibility to select the coating that perfectly aligns with their unique requirements.

Our Single Layer Anti-Reflective Coatings are the embodiment of our vision - to offer optical solutions that are reliable, innovative and tailored to meet specific needs. Whether you are navigating the world of astronomy, enhancing your optical device or optimising your industrial application, our coatings promise to deliver a performance that is nothing short of exceptional.

Embrace G&H's Single Layer Anti-Reflective Coatings, and experience a blend of superior clarity, performance, and durability. We are here to illuminate your journey with the power of precision, one coating at a time.


  • A single layer coating on glass.
  • Durable and relative insensitivity to angle of incidence (AOI).
  • Can be optimised for any wavelength from 0.4µm to 2µm.


  • Clear optical glass
  • Filter glass
  • Ceramic glass
  • Sapphire
  • Polycarbonate (including dip-coated visors)
  • Nickel-plated Aluminium
  • Nickel-plated Beryllium
  • Active Devices


  • MIL-C-675A
  • MIL-M-13508C
  • MIL-C-14806A


  • Imaging systems: In imaging applications, such as cameras and microscopes, SLAR coatings help enhance the performance of lenses and windows by increasing light transmission and improving image quality.
  • Optical instruments: In optical instruments, such as spectrometers and refractometers, SLAR coatings can be used to minimize surface reflections, enabling more accurate measurements and observations.
  • Solar panels: In photovoltaic systems, SLAR coatings can be applied to the surface of solar panels to reduce reflection losses and increase the overall efficiency of the system by allowing more sunlight to be absorbed.
  • Displays: In the display industry, SLAR coatings can be used to enhance the performance of screens and display panels by reducing glare and improving the overall visual experience for users.
  • Lighting: In the lighting industry, SLAR coatings can be applied to the surface of lenses and windows to improve light transmission and reduce reflection losses, resulting in more efficient lighting systems and better illumination.

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