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Optical Assembly Technician II

Job Category:Manufacturing
Level:Entry Level
Location(s):Moorpark (CA, US)
Closing Date:March 31, 2023


Assemble Optical Frames and Ring Laser Gyroscopes per manufacturing instructions.

Make precise mechanical and optical measurements.

Adjust and adapt the fabrication and assembly process as needed based on measured results.

Interpret drawings and measurement results compared to stated specifications and develop fixes and reworks to achieved intended results.

Assist engineering in the development of appropriate written and photographic documentation.

Assess condition of tooling, measure tooling parameters and perform repair and maintenance on optical assembly tooling.

Test new manufacturing and fabrication processes as directed by Engineering.

Assist in prototyping new optical assembly products.

Perform other tasks as directed.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • English verbal and written is necessary.
  • Computer fluency is required, especially Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to work with an ERP System and maintain transactional accuracy is required.
  • An AS degree or equivalent, preferably in optics or a related field. In some cases, extra experience can substitute for this requirement.
  • A minimum of 2 years applicable experience as an Optical Assembly Technician
  • Able to work in a clean room environment
  • Significant demonstrated skill in tight-tolerance manufacturing and the ability to perform very complex optical assembly processes requiring significant judgement and manual dexterity.

Minimum Education (or experience) required.

  1. AS Degree in Optics or a related field. In some cases, extensive practical experience can be substituted for some formal education.
  2. A Six Sigma Yellow Belt is desirable.

Minimum experience required.

  1. Minimum of 5 years applicable engineering experience is required.
  2. Minimum of 2 years' experience as an Industrial Engineer or equivalent engineer in a high-tech manufacturing environment