Product Development

Product Development

G&H’s business is based on being a supplier of commercial photonics products in high volume.

A significant part of our website is organized in terms of various product categories: Precision Optics, Crystal Optics Acousto-Optics, Electro-Optics, Fiber Optics, and Instrumentation. However, less than 5% of G&H’s sales are made up of the standard products listed on the website.

95% of our business is custom versions, designed for each specific high volume customer.

What we show as products on the website are merely representative examples to demonstrate our capabilities.

We are proud of the breadth of acousto-optic, electro optic, crystal optic, fiber optic and precision optic products seen in our product section, but this is a thin sample of what we really do.

Working closely with customers

Working closely with customers is a fundamental component to G&H’s business model. To do this well requires a mastery of our own technology and understanding what our customers are doing or want to do.

A clear application focus is essential in developing successful new products. Photonics technology successes are primarily replacements for slower, larger, or more expensive mechanical or electronic technologies.

Developing products for an existing application means we can quickly determine what the real product requirements are, exactly what levels of performance, reliability, and cost are acceptable.

With a quick engineering turn we are able to get specific customer feedback and “boot-strap” the product development process.

Application specific engineering

Application specific engineering is crucial to how we develop new products. With a good application understanding, we are able to support customers who are not photonics or fiber experts. These customers want and need help designing their systems, defining the crucial test and metrology, and building critical supply partnerships.

For product development to be efficient and successful, it is essential to hold regular meetings and penetrating reviews. The goal of critical reviews is to identify all the issues and risks. Then we define and assign the best possible action plans to address them.

We are happy to comply with a customer’s own new product development process or format. However, for customers who do not have their own, we strongly recommend following G&H’s own Stage-Gate process.

The Stage-Gate process defines the requirements for a complete new product launch as a series of Gate Reviews. Gate Reviews check that the deliverables required during each stage of development have been all completed and that progress to date is appropriate to pass to the next Stage.

The idea is a series of management checkpoints where the rational and the quality of execution is reviewed. Common focus and prioritization of the customer and the G&H project team are reaffirmed.

Differentiation in cost as well as performance

As a high volume commercial supplier, everyone at G&H is completely aware that differentiation in cost as well as performance is required for a truly successful product.

For every new development project, G&H design engineering takes the responsibility for achieving the initial target cost and creating a detailed plan for continual cost reduction going forward.

We strongly believe that leading the race for the best design for low cost and leveraging our vertical manufacturing base are major reasons we can continue to be a high value provider to our customers.