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Acousto-Optic Devices

Acousto-optic devices and drivers for pulsed laser control

We have been a leader in the design and manufacture of acousto-optics for over 35 years, bringing together some of the best minds and technologies in the field to create a comprehensive line of high-quality products backed by premier service and reliability.

Expert crystal growing and processing

We hold our multiple worldwide manufacturing sites to exacting standards, from the in-house growth of our own tellurium dioxide (TeO₂) to polishing, anti-reflection coating, fabrication, and testing of devices. The result is unmatched optical power handling, and optical performance delivered consistently over time and in volume.

Finding the perfect balance of acousto-optics parameters

Every acousto-optic device is affected by trade-offs between speed, aperture size, power handling, and durability. We can help to find the optimum balance between competing performance parameters. Considering the more subtle aspects of each customer’s specific application, we work to identify the ideal device and RF driver.

Standard acousto-optic devices, custom one-off or volume OEM solutions

Whether we are matching a customer’s application to one of our many standard acousto-optic devices and drivers or creating a custom one-off or volume OEM solution, we are committed to providing responsive service. Our support team strives to respond quickly to our customers, solve problems efficiently and effectively, and deliver a product that exceeds expectations for performance, reliability, and consistency.

Looking for fiber coupled acousto-optic modulators?

Our fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulators are all part of the Fiber-Q® series, offering a high extinction ratio, low insertion loss, and excellent stability in both polarization-maintaining (PM) and non-PM formats at modulation frequencies up to 80 MHz for visible and infrared wavelengths.