What defines manufacturing excellence? Insights from the G&H cleanroom

Manufacturing complex and exacting fiber optic components and assembling photonic subsystems demands the highest possible manufacturing standards.

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Commitment to Diversity underpins Competitive Advantage

Gooch & Housego PLC (AIM: GHH), the specialist manufacturer of photonic components & systems, is committed to diversity in its recruitment initiatives...

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How Shifting Dynamics in Intercontinental Cabling are Driving New High-Reliability Solutions From G&H

How Shifting Dynamics in Intercontinental Cabling are Driving New High-Reliability Solutions From G&H

When a manufacturing facility producing high-reliability components for long-distance submarine cables suddenly has to triple its output...

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How G&H Overcomes Lidar and Sensing Challenges to Make Remote Sense of Earth and Space

Lidar is pushing the boundaries of how we analyze, interpret, and understand earth and space environments from afar...

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International Women in Engineering Day 2021 - G&H Group Engineers Speak Out

In recognition of International Women in Engineering Day 2021, women in engineering and related disciplines from across G&H came together virtually to discuss what it means to be a woman in engineering in 2021.

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G&H Insight June 2021

Photonics Emerges Stronger from the Pandemic, Proving its Robustness and Resilience Against Market Disruptions.

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‘Absolute position, always!’

G&H StingRay Optics NightCrawlIR™ lens series breaks new ground in performance vs. cost.

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G&H is changing the world with photonics.

Driven by passion and precision, G&H engineering is found at the bottom of our oceans through to orbits in outer space.

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The wait is over. Perseverance 2020 has landed on Mars

Innovative G&H components have landed on Mars onboard NASA’s $2.2bn Perseverance Rover.


Successful Launch of Satellite Laser Communication System

Innovative photonic systems and components on board the Optical Data Relay Satellite as part of Japan’s new inter-satellite network

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G&H OCT webinar OCT systems start to finish

OCT Systems Innovation

We discuss the challenges around OCT system DFM and component specification

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G&H OCT systems innovation – component specification to design for manufacture


This webinar will look at what’s involved in designing an optical coherence tomography (OCT) system for manufacture and assembly (DFMA).

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G&H DFB laser manufacture

G&H steps up to the Quantum Technologies Challenge

G&H’s component miniaturization at the heart of QTAssemble for low SWAP-C quantum laser systems.

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NASA Mars Perseverance rover 2020

Mars Perseverance launches with G&H AOTF aboard

NASA launched Mars 2020 Perseverance on 30 July, with a G&H AOTF at the heart of one of the measurement systems.

G&H ITL to make medical ventilators

G&H’s ITL responds to Covid-19 pandemic

ITL is an essential link in the healthcare supply chain and has started manufacturing ventilators as well as hygiene monitoring devices and rapid diagnostic testing platforms.

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Barry Luke (far left) handed over Mark Long’s certificate witnessed by (L-R) SiG business transformation coach Kev McCarthy

Developing talent in Ilminster

Coating supervisor Mark Long's completion of the Growth Lighthouse Team Leader Academy course is part of a wider, long term development of engineering talent in Ilminster.

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G&H Torquay wins apprenticeship award

On 6 February, G&H Torquay were awarded winner of the Best Large Employer at the 2020 South Devon College Apprenticeship Awards

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UHR-PS-OCT device imaging a human volunteer.

EU GALAHAD completes

G&H announces that the EU GALAHAD (Glaucoma – Advanced, LAbel-free High resolution Automated OCT Diagnostics) project has now completed.

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2019 New Product Development

In 2019 our New Product Development (NPD) project portfolio resulted in 48 new products being commercialized and five patents granted, Read about the diverse range.

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JAXA Haybusa2

G&H Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTFs) Launch into Space

G&H AOTFs are to be deployed in October 2018 the JAXA asteroid exploration probe Mascot, part of the Hayabusa 2 asteroid exploration program.

MINERVA demonstration

New range of diagnostic tools from Mid- and near-infrared spectroscopy project

MINERVA focused on the mid infrared range, the analysis of biological constituents in which gave an indication of the potential for early cancer detection.

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High Power, High LIDT Laser Optics: Understanding Optics for High Power Lasers

Catalog optics are fine for many laser applications but high power lasers require specified damage characteristics of their optics.

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UAV with laser modem

Innovative design process fastracks UAV laser comms development

VP Space Photonics, Stratos Kehayas, on the advantages photonics offers to air-to-ground, air-to-air and air-to-space comms and demonstrating this with an innovative approach to cross-company R&D.

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Space Photonics: A Platform Technology for Satellite Systems

Photonics has the potential to transform the space industry and introduce a paradigm shift in the way satellite payloads and communication terminals are designed and built.

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Laser Damage Live Video 1: The Kerr Effect – Ejection

High threshold G&H front face coating allowing an intense laser beam to enter a silica block.

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Laser Damage Live Video 2: The Kerr Effect – Propagation

High laser damage threshold optics – characteristics, coating, testing and best practices in optical manufacturing.

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Macro close up red bloodshot eyeball for allergy imagery

Compact Optical Delay Line for More Efficient OCT Imaging

Andrew Robertson, Senior Vice President – Systems Technology Groups presents the G&H small form factor (SFF) delay line.

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Photonics West 2017 - Photonic Assemblies

Faster, Smaller Delay Lines Drive Oct Applications Further

OCT over the past twenty years and its use in commercial ophthalmology, cardiology and dermatology has been established.

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Photonics West 2017 - Photonic Assemblies

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