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Aerospace and Defense

Mars 2020 Perseverance rover imageMars 2020 Perseverance rover image courtesy of NASA

Aerospace and defense optics and optical systems for mission-critical applications

Our leadership in supporting mission-critical applications with high-performance optical components, modules, and subassemblies has established G&H as a preferred supplier for leading aerospace and defense contractors around the globe. Our technology and expertise in optical design and manufacture have helped advance programs and missions in several key application areas.

Our business has the capability to develop products with various security classification levels.

A world leader in aerospace and defense optics

Imaging optics

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other airborne platforms gather more image data more quickly during ever-longer flight times. G&H’s precision optical components and advanced lens assemblies enable optimal FOV and resolution for short, mid- and longwave infrared imagers, making them critical elements in aerospace and defense platforms used for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Our SWIR lens assemblies are also used in monitoring directed energy weapons performance.

Tailored anti-reflection coatings across visible and infrared wavelengths guarantee clarity in low-light and challenging environments, along with our specialized Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating, which strengthens lenses against outdoor strains, ensuring exceptional durability. By combining these technologies, we enhance resilience, granting soldiers clearer vision and precise targeting for heightened operational effectiveness in demanding conditions.

Photonic components for directed energy

The speed and precision that photonics technology enables is instrumental for the directed energy weapons (DEW) applied to missile defense. With decades of close collaboration with prime defense contractors and avionics manufacturers, G&H brings the exacting design and manufacturing expertise required for the fiber optics, electric-optic modulators, and sights and windows that help ensure DEW platforms perform reliably.

Target designation and rangefinder optics

Target designation and rangefinding tasks necessitate uncompromising accuracy and reliability under the most demanding conditions, whether they involve an integrated warfighter operating in the fog of battle or a missile targeting system with milliseconds to lock onto a target. The optical coatings and opto-mechanical lens assemblies produced by G&H not only ensure consistently reliable performance for these aerospace and defense systems but can also help reduce size, weight, and power demands to support greater portability and wider deployment.

Optics-based gyroscopes for navigation

G&H is a leading designer and manufacturer of precision optical components and fiber-optic couplers for inertial navigation systems used in avionics and defense. Whether the application calls for a ring laser gyroscope for airborne or maritime navigation or a fiber-optic gyro to guide the flight of a missile or UAV, G&H offers proven expertise in the development of both legacy and emerging inertial platforms when it comes to aerospace and defense optics.

Space photonics

Space-based platforms must deliver uncompromised signal transmission and reliability in supremely harsh environments. Space-qualified optical components, lens assemblies, and subsystems from G&H deliver consistently excellent connectivity and bandwidth for intrasatellite and satellite-to-ground communications. Our expertise in fiber optics and photonic signal processing is also increasingly leveraged to enhance the sensing capabilities for systems monitoring earth and space environmental conditions. G&H is at the forefront of developing lower SWAP-C photonics modules for this emerging market.

Infrared countermeasures

As anti-missile countermeasures shift from expendable solutions toward on-demand, near-unlimited infrared emitters, defense contractors are exploring innovative fiber-optic and lens assembly solutions from G&H. Specialized laser-induced damage threshold resistant coatings, crucial for supporting Directed Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCM) and Infrared Countermeasures (IRCM) systems, offer durability in challenging environments and optimize threat detection and tracking through superior reflectivity and transmission across various wavelengths. Our photonic components also enable new airborne and marine systems that offer stronger defenses in electronic warfare scenarios while delivering lower weight, higher bandwidth, and improved detection capabilities.

Periscopes and sighting systems

A trusted provider of periscopes and sighting systems, G&H continues to enhance the intelligence gathering and situational awareness of armored fighting vehicles. Adverse weather conditions pose significant challenges for optical sensors and instrumentation, impacting performance. To counter this, our conductive window assemblies provide a highly effective solution by integrating heated windows that swiftly eliminate mist, frost, or ice accumulation. Land vehicle periscopes and cameras can be attacked by laser threats on the battlefield. Our electro-optical protection measures (EOPM) coatings effectively block or redirect damaging lasers from sensitive components while ensuring optimal transmission of safe wavelengths crucial for human or sensor detection.

By maintaining high optical density across optical elements, our coatings significantly enhance the safety, efficiency, and performance of modern military land vehicles across diverse operational scenarios. In addition, our innovations in shortwave infrared and advanced optical coatings are driving the development of cutting-edge sighting solutions for airborne platforms and lidar systems. Specializing in advanced multi-spectral coatings for modern military sighting systems, our focus lies in optimizing light transmission, reducing reflection, and effectively managing heat. These coatings enhance the performance, reliability, and durability of these crucial defense systems, enduring the demanding conditions of military operations across land, sea, and air.

Polymer defense optics

We are a trusted supplier of advanced defense optics, working with leading military suppliers. Our polymer optics expertise helps reduce system complexity and weight, enhancing safety and effectiveness for soldiers who carry heavy high-tech equipment. We excel in night vision optics, laser targeting, missile guidance, infrared and thermal imaging, all of which benefit from our precision polymer lenses. Our commitment to assembly quality ensures the reliability of vision systems for defense. With government registration and strong ITAR compliance, G&H is a consistent choice for defense optical solutions.

Laser protection

Our laser protection solutions cover a broad spectrum of applications, addressing diverse needs in military and safety contexts. Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR) benefits from our waveguide coating technology, enhancing infantry soldiers' helmet-mounted displays with real-time critical data for improved situational awareness. Pilots benefit from our Helmet-Mounted Displays, which provide unprecedented clarity, enhanced durability, and cockpit compatibility, crucial for precise decision-making in high-stress flight scenarios. Additionally, our conductive window assemblies ensure robust EMC shielding, safeguarding sensitive instrumentation in extreme environments and meeting regulatory standards for high-performance systems.

Our military laser protection filters stand out as the only independent coating company accredited by the US Tank Command (TACOM) for supplying filters to MIL-DTL-62422-AT. With a proven track record of over 250,000 delivered filters, these provide extreme optical protection against high-powered lasers in top-tier vehicles like the Abrams Tank and Stryker series.

Our expertise extends to night vision equipment, where our coatings maximize light transmission across wavelengths, ensuring optimal function in dark environments for safer and more efficient operations. Lastly, our stray light reduction filters, tailored for aerospace navigation play a pivotal role in ensuring precision and accuracy by minimizing unwanted light and maintaining durability against environmental elements.

Your source for mission-critical aerospace and defense optics

High mix and high value: As a leading program partner for prime contractors and a global supplier of proven optical solutions for aerospace, avionics, and defense, G&H can help ensure your mission-critical systems perform reliably and to expectations. To learn more about our aerospace and defense optics, contact us.


Aerospace and defense solutions

G&H designs and manufactures submodules and module assemblies according to customer specifications.