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Industrial and Telecom

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Industrial optics and photonics

G&H is recognized as a leading provider of advanced optics, fiber optics, acousto-optics, and electro-optics for demanding applications in industrial lasers, semiconductor equipment, fiber-optic subsea networks, and optical sensing and metrology.

Regardless of your industrial photonics application, our optics deliver unmatched reliability, precise control, and consistent repeatability.

Industrial lasers

G&H’s industrial optics were an enabling technology when lasers first appeared in electronics microprocessing applications, and we have helped lasers become the near universal tool they are today for cutting, drilling, trimming, and surface treatment of any kind. Our acousto-optic modulators, Q-switches, electro-optic Pockels cells, RF drivers, and precision optics continue to set the standard for accuracy, feature size, and power. G&H is well positioned to support laser OEMs as they target opportunities in growing industrial photonics applications, such as the processing of composites and nanomaterials, UV and ultra-short-pulse lasing, and additive manufacturing. For complex, non-standard laser cavity optics, G&H is renowned its design and manufacture of a broad range of prisms, windows, mirrors, planar and aspheric precision optics.

Semiconductor equipment manufacturing and instrumentation

Maximizing throughput and yield is critical to staying competitive in semiconductor manufacturing and electronics assembly. Whether you’re applying lasers to drill holes in PCBs or trim capacitors, G&H’s acousto-optic deflectors (AODFs) work together with beam-steering galvanometers to provide tighter control, speed production, and improve precision. Our high-frequency modulators, tunable filters, and frequency shifters provide semiconductor manufacturing solutions — from the wafer design and prototyping process through metrology and chip packaging.

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Subsea telecom

The cost of unreliability is prohibitive in subsea telecom cables, which is why G&H’s industrial fiber-optic offerings continue to be the preferred solution for the ever-growing global demand for bandwidth. In passive fiber optic components, our fused fiber couplers for repeaters have delivered proven performance and unmatched reliability for decades and in the vast majority of subsea installations. As electronic commerce and communications expand around the world, G&H optical expertise will continue to optimize the footprint, reliability, and bandwidth density of the fiber-optic components on which subsea networks rely.

Optical sensing

The rapid adoption of lidar across multiple industrial and energy sectors encompasses applications ranging from proximity sensing along oil and gas pipelines to profiling air currents around wind turbines. With an industry-leading portfolio of fiber-coupled modulators and sensing modules, backed by scalable manufacturing support, G&H offers development of lidar components and submodules tailored to your specialized application. While high performance and reliability are emblematic features of our optical-sensing components, we can further optimize products to provide smaller footprints, ruggedized housing, and other value-added options.

Machine vision

Once reserved for military applications, shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging is beginning to find application in commercial machine vision systems. With a rich heritage in both precision optics and optical systems design, G&H provides customers with dedicated SWIR and other infrared lens systems. Our lenses provide high transmissivity and achromatic correction and are designed to be compatible with the most cutting-edge InGaAs sensors and cameras. G&H is able to offer standard, pre-engineered or custom solutions for applications such as recycling sortation, food processing, and a variety of security uses.

Our polymer optics for machine vision excel in meeting technical requirements due to their excellent spectral transmission and adaptability to reflectivity needs. These lightweight optics simplify assemblies, reducing both complexity and costs by incorporating mounting features. Injection molding enables rapid prototyping and cost-effective high-volume production, making them an ideal choice for addressing timing constraints.

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Big Science

G&H supplies components based on electro-optic and precision optic technology to a broad range of big science projects including Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA), the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL), and a number of synchrotron laboratories. At CEA and NIF, we are supplier of many critical optical components used in the world’s most powerful laser systems.

Specialized imaging devices

Specializing in polymer optics for a wide range of imaging applications, we bring expertise to industries such as AR/VR systems, lidar, machine vision, and more. Our injection molding expertise enables cost-effective production of complex optics like aspheric, free-form, diffractive, and prism lenses. We also offer hybrid designs that combine glass and plastic elements for efficient solutions. We work with you from the design phase to ensure realistic tolerances and achieve your imaging goals.

Supplying high-quality custom and standard industrial optics

As a vertically integrated provider of best-in-class optical components, modules and assemblies, G&H enables the precise, reliable performance of manufacturing equipment, subsea cables, and energy infrastructure worldwide. To learn more about our solutions for industrial lasers, fiber-optic networks, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, lidar systems, or machine vision contact us.


Industrial and telecom solutions

G&H designs and manufactures submodules and module assemblies according to customer specifications.