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The Board


The Board is responsible to the Company’s shareholders for the long term success of the Company. This includes the business’s strategy, performance, investment and standards of conduct, as well as ensuring the Company acts in the best interests of its stakeholders.

The Board is also responsible for corporate governance. Specifically the Board has ultimate authority to:

  • Set the Group’s strategy
  • Approve the annual budget and monitor performance against it
  • Promote a culture based on sound ethical values and behaviours
  • Ensure effective communication with the Group’s stakeholders
  • Approve significant agreements
  • Undertake risk management activities to ensure identified risks are adequately mitigated. This includes establishing and maintaining an appropriate control environment across the Group
  • Approve appointments to the Board
  • Approve Executive remuneration and group-wide remuneration policies

The Board currently comprises two executive and four non-executive Directors. The current directors of G&H are shown below:

Meet our board members

Gary Bullard
Non-executive Chairman
Charlie Peppiatt
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Jewell
Chief Financial Officer
Louise Evans
Non-executive Director
Jim Haynes
Non-executive Director
Brian Phillipson
Non-executive Director
Susan Searle
Non-executive Director
Gareth Crowe
Company Secretary and Group Financial Controller


All the non-executive Directors are considered by the Board to be independent of management and free of any relationships which could materially interfere with the exercise of their independent judgement.

The Nomination Committee is responsible for approving appointments to the Board. The Board’s policy is to appoint the highest calibre individuals regardless of an individual’s background, race or gender. The Board understands and recognises the benefits that diversity can bring, and our recruitment partners are briefed on our requirements in this regard.