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Investment proposition

At G&H, we believe we can deliver superior investor returns.

Financial highlights

Year ended 30 September20222021Change
Revenue (£m)124.8124.10.56%
Adjusted profit before tax (£m)*8.112.6(35.7%)
Adjusted basic earnings per share (pence)*27.2p41.0p(33.66%)
Statutory profit before tax (£m)2.74.7(42.56%)
Basic earnings per share (pence)(8p)13.6p(158.8%)
Total dividend per share (pence)12.6p12.2pN/A
Net debt excluding IFRS16 (£m)12.82.6£10.2m
Net debt £m19.19.2£9.9m

* adjusted figures exclude the amortisation of acquired intangible assets, non-underlying items being restructuring costs, site closure costs, settlement of lease litigation, interest thereon and interest on deferred consideration, together with the related tax impact.

Leading products and technology

Our products and capabilities are recognised as market leading. By pushing the boundaries of photonics innovation in wavelength, speed, power and intensity, we are making today’s limits tomorrow’s baseline.

Attractive markets

In each of our chosen markets, the use of photonic technologies is increasingly used to provide faster, more precise and reliable solutions. Our ability to present photonic solutions as part of a system or module gives us an advantage in many of our target markets.

We are well placed in markets that have attractive long-term growth characteristics.

Well established customer positions

Our engineers work closely with our customers as trusted partners for the development of their next generation systems, securing us long term programme positions and recurring revenues.

Diversified revenues

Our products and capabilities are supplied to the industrial, aerospace and defence and life sciences/biophotonics markets providing natural protection against individual market cyclicality.

The nature of the quality and compliance hurdles inherent in a large proportion of our markets makes them highly defensible.

State of the art facilities and a cost-effective supply chain

We have invested in our production facilities so that we can supply high levels of quality and precision that few of our competitors can match.

Our in house production is supported by a cost-effective supply chain with which we work closely to help drive continuous improvement.

Financial strength

We are profitable, cash generative and growing, with significant financial resources meaning we can invest to further strengthen our competitive advantage.