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Vision Systems

Kent sighting systems

We design and manufacture unity vision periscopes, sights, drivers vision aids, and related equipment and vision systems for armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) such as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and armored personnel carriers.

Trusted by AFV integrators and suppliers of major sub-systems worldwide, our Kent range of vision systems for AFVs is recognized as the leading brand for observation driving aids and sighting systems.

Quality assurance for vision systems for armored fighting vehicles

The inclusion of the Kent range as a part of G&H has increased strengths across all areas of operation, from expertise in optical and mechanical design for harsh environments, cost-effective supply chain management, as well as quality assurance management and robust compliance with other standards such as REACH, Montreal protocol, conflict minerals and cyber security.

We are proud of the strong reputation Kent has earned by demonstrating an ability to deliver high-quality products and services at competitive prices. We offer equipment for strategic new vehicle programs, urgent operational requirements, and refurbishment of in-service equipment.

All of our products can be customized to meet specific needs and applications and we work closely with our customers as part of their team to identify the optimum solution to meet their particular requirements.

In addition to proven production build standards, we offer a range of optional features for our products including black-out blinds, heated windows, laser protection, radiation-hardened glass, and EMC attenuating filters.

We also provide a spares and repairs service, enabling customers to lengthen product lifetimes when replacement solutions are unnecessary.

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