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At G&H, we are making a better world with photonics.

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We are focussed on transforming G&H to become an 'innovative customer focussed technology company' delivering responsibly and making a 'better world with photonics'.

We seek to ensure that G&H becomes and remains the 'first choice' for all our stakeholders whether that's our employees, our customers, our shareholders, our eco-system partners, or the communities where we operate.

We offer differentiated performance through four key strategic priorities:


Through harnessing the best talent across our whole organisation, we will establish dynamic high-performance teams and create a purpose-led culture that ensures G&H is a safe, engaging, diverse and inclusive place to work and thrive.


By delivering an exceptional customer experience and making it ‘easier to do business with G&H’ we will build long-term customer partnerships and deliver profitable growth. We will achieve this by disciplined focus on superior operational execution along with the agility and wisdom to avoid repeating the manufacturing and supply chain problems of the recent past.


We will deliver a better return from our advanced technical expertise in photonics. We will create enhanced value from carefully selected R&D projects for the right applications including developing platform solutions to accelerate our time to market for new technology and existing technology into new applications. This will unlock greater value through increased G&H photonics system content in new products.


We will apply a more disciplined approach to the allocation of resources to deliver value and accelerate accretive growth, both organically and inorganically. We will refocus the business to invest in higher margin products and sectors at the same time as addressing non-performers, in combination with pursuing ‘speed to value’ acquisitions strategically not opportunistically.


The transformation of the company through the successful implementation of the Group’s new strategy will be achieved by following G&H’s corporate values that guide the way we do business, consisting of customer focus, integrity, action, unity and precision to deliver fundamental and lasting improvement for our employees, for the profitability of the company and for the sustainability of our planet.