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Lens Systems

Ruggedized lens systems for imaging across the spectrum

Our optical systems group has developed a reputation as the industry leader for bringing unique cutting-edge lens systems and optical solutions to market for a diverse customer base and a staggering range of applications.

We work with system integrators worldwide, providing high high-performing products of exceptional quality and value. Our StingRay range of lenses has an enviable reputation for high resolution, world-class design, and proven capability of providing mission-critical imaging in the toughest of environments.

UV, visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, and broadband options

Our lens assemblies are specifically designed for operation at target wavelength ranges, leveraging the benefits of new, high pixel count detectors. Considered selection of lens system parameters, materials, and coatings improve resolution, accuracy, and transmission; factors which are critical in low light, environmentally challenging situations.

UV and visible lenses are provided either build-to-print or custom assembly designed by the G&H engineering teams. Lens complexity can be as simple as a singlet in a housing to large-diameter zoom lenses. Coatings are optimized for sensor and design criteria (narrow or broadband).

Optimized solutions in standard, pre-engineered, and custom configurations

  • Standard products: off-the-shelf designs, many in inventory today, spanning Vis-SWIR, MWIR, LWIR as well as the industry’s most extensive set of broadband lens options. Nearly all of our standard lenses are EAR99 classified. In-stock items are listed online on
  • Pre-engineered designs: an extensive catalog of previously engineered systems readily leveraged to provide feedback with respect to cost, schedule, and feasibility.
  • Custom designs: standard or pre-engineered designs can be customized – saving time and engineering resources – but when the existing library of designs cannot meet all of a new requirement’s specifications, we can work with you to generate and deliver a manufacturable, rugged, optimized product within the industry’s most cost-effective NRE structure.

Engineered for superior performance and value

With decades of lens design, manufacture, and assembly experience, and over 4000 designs, we are capable of developing and delivering products with features to suit many different uses:

  • Fixed, manual, or motorized focus options
  • Manual or motorized field of view (FOV) options, including zoom
  • Manual iris or motorized iris with fully closed iris options
  • WFOV, fisheye, and panoramic solutions
  • Microscopes, telescopes, and collimators
  • Refractive, catadioptric, and all-reflective designs
  • Projected pupil, re-imaging, and telecentric designs
  • Active or passive athermalization
  • Fixed filter holder or motorized filter wheel designs
  • Ruggedized, waterproofed and environmentally stabilized from shock and vibration
  • Extensive high-efficiency anti-reflection (HEAR) and high durability antireflection (HDAR) coating portfolio, including diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings

The extensive StingRay portfolio is optimized to meet budget and delivery requirements for a variety of applications:

  • Compact, lightweight, ruggedized lens assembly designs for unmanned payloads
  • Dual field of view systems for laser weapon systems in marine, land, and gimbal platforms and environments
  • Budget-friendly commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) designs for applications ranging from industrial monitoring to hyperspectral imaging
  • Broadband, wide field of view designs for border security and surveillance systems

G&H facilities are certified to ISO9001 and AS9100: 2009 Rev.C. G&H businesses comply with ITAR legislation and are registered with the US government.

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