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Life Sciences

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Medical optics

For seven decades, G&H’s innovative approach to optical component design has been key in advancing the performance and reliability of life science instrumentation for medical microscopy, diagnostic imaging, and laser surgery. We are recognized as a leading provider for photonics in life sciences with our advanced optics, fiber-optics, acousto-optics and Pockels cells, targeting medical research, diagnostic imaging, and laser surgery applications worldwide.

Our technology and expertise in optical design and manufacturing have helped advance the life sciences in several key application areas.

Optics for medical microscopy

G&H’s optics and acousto-optics have extended the forefront of microscopy for decades by enabling ever higher resolutions and more precise laser control. Our components were instrumental in the Nobel Prize-winning effort to extend optical microscopy resolutions to the nanoscale. Today they are enabling new advances on the cutting edge, such as digital pathology and the imaging of active neurons with laser-scanning confocal microscopes.

UHR-PS-OCT device imaging a human volunteerUHR-PS-OCT device imaging a human volunteer©️ Private

Lasers and optics for optical coherence tomography

G&H optics and expertise have helped drive development of optical coherence tomography (OCT) from the technology’s start. Today we support the world’s leading OCT systems manufacturers. Our unique ability to offer everything from fiber-optic components to subassemblies to full optical systems with embedded controls allows us to meet the demand for virtually any system design. The result for OCT instrument-makers is higher-performing, more cost-effective, and more reliable optical engines. The result for the medical industry is clearer 3D image resolutions, improved diagnoses, and better patient outcomes.

Greater control and reliability for medical lasers

G&H have decades of expertise in providing photonics in life sciences and the manufacture of acousto-optics, fiber-optics, and Pockels cells translate into improved control, greater reliability, and enhanced lifetimes for high-precision medical lasers used in a widening array of surgical applications. We work with leading laser system OEMs and medical equipment manufacturers to optimize patient outcomes in a broad range of surgical applications, including prostate surgery; scar correction; treatment of cataracts; removal of freckles, moles, and tattoos; wrinkle reduction; and teeth whitening. Our optics further provide surgical lasers with the precision and reliability needed for cardiovascular procedures.

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Keeping pace with aesthetic laser evolution 

G&H has everything you need to manufacture outstanding devices to meet the growing demand for non-invasive aesthetic laser treatments and therapies. From tattoo removal to skin rejuvenation, we enable higher optical power and precision to make your technology stand out in the marketplace. By drawing on our vast array of laser optics knowledge and capability, we can improve the longevity and performance of your devices. Whether you need a component, submodule or a whole-systems solution, we enable you to augment your existing technologies to keep pace with the evolving aesthetic lasers sector.

Your source for medical optics

As a leading provider of proven optical components and subassemblies for applications in microscopy, medical imaging, and surgical lasers, G&H can help ensure that your instruments perform reliably and to expectations. To learn more about our medical optics, contact us.


Life sciences solutions

As a vertically integrated supplier of optics, modules, and subassemblies, G&H is uniquely positioned to support scalable manufacturing, documented quality control, and security of supply.