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Opto-Mechanical Assemblies

Opto-Mechanical Assemblies

Protecting the customers’ investment in precision optical components, we offer a value-added service of design, manufacture, and assembly of the optical components into protective easy-to-handle housings.

G&H can provide integrated optics and electronics, build-to-print designs, and optical modules optimized for optical performance, footprint, and/or power consumption.

The cost and time benefits to production when sourcing an opto-mechanical assembly from G&H can be significant:

  • Pre-alignment of complex optical components enables drop-in final assembly
  • Precision alignment of various and varied optical surfaces reduces production time and internal metrology requirements
  • Ease of handling minimizes internal production time
  • Minimization of damage to precision surfaces reduces yield losses
  • Relaxation of cleanroom requirements lowers customer facility costs

The opto-mechanical assemblies we produce for customers are wide ranging. A few examples of the breadth of opto-mechanical assemblies:


Laser cavity designs: Lasers, range finding, reconnaissance, surveillance, targeting and designating, target identification.

Imaging designs: Dermatology, endoscopy, hyperspectral imaging, inspection, machine vision, metrology, optometry, projection, thermal imaging.

Assembly typeRange of Capabilities
Laser cavity and beam conditioning sub-assemblies
  • Mirror and acousto-optic sub-assemblies
  • Zero orderwaveplates, retarders in a housing
  • Assembled prisms,beamsplittercubes
  • Frequency doubling crystals in a housing
Transmission and imaging sub-assemblies
  • Doublet, triplet lenses
  • Beam focusing lens sub-assemblies
  • Integrated electro-mechanic components
  • Custom housing and mounts
Optical modules
  • Integrated optics and electronics
  • Build-to-print, or design and manufacture
  • Optimized optical performance, footprint, power consumption

G&H has received IS09001 certification across all of its manufacturing sites while AS9100C certification has been achieved at select facilities.