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G&H | Artemis

We are a global leader in optical coatings

Pioneering the Future of Optical Thin Film Technology

G&H | Artemis, based in Plymouth, UK, is a leading force in optical thin film technology, with our products integrated into everyday items from mobile phones to anti-reflection optical coatings. Our global company is equipped with modern, purpose-built facilities and advanced production capabilities, including fully automated robot laser testing, making us an attractive collaborator for companies seeking innovative, high-quality optics for a range of specialized applications.

Technological Excellence and Growth Strategy

As a technological frontrunner, we focus on introducing new products to both existing and new customers, aiming for global recognition as a leading thin film coating company. Our commitment to customer engagement, design innovation, flexible manufacturing, and prompt adaptation to customer needs ensures quality, as reflected in our BAE Gold Award.

Operational Strengths

Our proactive work environment fosters innovation, with significant investment in employee development, emphasizing teamwork and communication. An in-house engineering function enhances equipment maintenance, contributing to a consistent On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) delivery of over 98%.

Diversification and Expertise in Defense

While historically strong in the defense sector, particularly in Head Up Displays and laser protection, we strategically diversified into hi-tech and industrial markets. Today, nearly 40% of our production serves non-defense markets.

Collaborations for Technological Solutions

G&H | Artemis actively seeks collaborations for inventive solutions to technological challenges. A successful example is the strategic partnership with Plymouth University, focusing on coating chamber optimization. Another venture involves Li-Fi technology, recently securing a significant contract.

Custom Optical Filter Design

We manufacture custom optical filters tailored to your application by leveraging diverse substrates, including sheet materials, molded substrates, and ground and polished materials. The selection of the substrate is pivotal, significantly influencing the optical properties of the finished product. Additionally, layered dielectric materials enhance the filter with key optical capabilities, such as reflective or anti-reflective coatings and absorption of specific wavelengths.

Testing and Analysis

Our commitment to precision and reliability is underscored by meticulous testing and analysis procedures. Leveraging an array of tools, including Interferometers, ETS Humidity, DSE Climatic, and Temperature, and Ascott Salt Fog test chambers, we conduct thorough evaluations across optical and environmental spectrums. These processes ensure the robustness of our products under diverse conditions. In-house test equipment, such as Digital microscopes and Dynascopes, enhances our inspection capabilities, while our Class 6 Assembly Cleanroom provides a controlled environment for precision manufacturing. Additionally, our Laser Test Facility employs Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) testing, assuring the endurance and resilience of our laser optics against potential damage, contributing to the overall reliability of our optical solutions.

Industry Relationships and Commitment to Excellence

Recognized as a reliable supplier for ambitious coating applications, Artemis maintains close ties with research organizations and various parts of the UK Government. Our collaborative approach, combined with an unwavering commitment to excellence, solidifies G&H | Artemis' position as a global leader in optical thin film technology.

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