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Product Development

G&H is renowned for supplying high volume commercial photonics products and manufacturing solutions to customers around the world.

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G&H is a world-leading specialist supplier of highly reliable photonics products and manufacturing solutions to customers around the world, relying on our enabling technologies on acousto-optics, crystal optics, electro-optics, fiber optics, optical systems, precision optics, and AFV vision sytems.

Our commercial success is underpinned by our proven capability in performing cutting-edge product development and delivering technically-differentiated products that are engineered for each individual, high-valued customer.

Visit our market solutions section for further information on our dedicated products for different markets and applications we address.

As an OEM customer, whether you require customized variation of a standard product, or a dedicated component or subsystem for your application, G&H is well positioned to fulfil your product development needs. Our product development process has been refined over 40 years and relies on taking an idea from concept generation to full-scale production and aftersales support.

Application-specific engineering

Our axiom in R&D is to develop and commercialise products that address and solve problems specific to our customer end application. This is fundamental to our product development process and what makes our customers successful. Engineering application-specific components and sub-systems translates to unique differentiators in our customers’ systems.

Our experience has shown that key to success is early stage engagement that allows for concurrent engineering side by side with our customers. Talk to us about your new idea or next-generation line of products. We are here to help and make your project a commercial success.

Vertical integration in development

Our ability to fabricate custom and application-specific photonic components coupled with our system design capabilities is the way we achieve technically-differentiated new products. A system is not just a collection of parts – by having customized and better performing components that are optimally interconnected for the specific system under design is what gives that strong competitive edge our customers are looking for. The interaction between our system development teams and component specialists is made possible through a single R&D team that has a global footprint.

Our product development process

Our R&D team expertise and specialist know-how combined with our robust AS9100 compliant development process gives our R&D projects portfolio focus, effectiveness and speed. Our new product development (NPD) process is based on well-thought and proven phase gates. It involves all functions of the business throughout the development lifecycle, making sure that that product under development is competitively positioned in the market, complies with the stringent customer- or market- driven requirements, is validated to the target operational environment and is designed for manufacture. Our process includes regular reviews on risks, regulatory compliance with a robust project management framework and interface with our customers. We work with each customer on an individual basis, and will comply with external or government development processes or formats if required.

With decades of experience, we know what will work and what won’t. Moreover, as photonics continues to penetrate into new market and find new applications, our development engineers understand how to identify new failure mechanisms of the technology and provide effective and innovative solutions that ultimately lead to ground-breaking new products.

Cost effective new products

As a high volume commercial supplier, we are fully aware that differentiation in cost as well as performance is required for a truly successful product. For every new product development project, G&H takes responsibility for meeting the initial target cost, as well as creating a detailed plan for ongoing cost reduction. As a vertically integrated business, we use as much internal content as we can in order to achieve both technical and cost differentiators. Our global supply chain team together with our manufacturing and product engineering teams make sure that we remain competitive and continuously improve our cost base and manufacturing processes.

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