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Technology Innovation

At the forefront of the photonics revolution, innovating to break the boundaries of what is possible for our customers.

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We rely on high levels of innovation combined with our robust new product development process to push the performance envelope of photonics and commercialise reliable new products.

Forward thinkers, we have a proven history of pioneering R&D and world-class product development in photonics technology, underpinning our product line by:

  • Advancing material science, components technology and crystal optics
  • Designing and developing novel sub-systems using our component base
  • Creating components and systems for new applications where photonics can have a disruptive role
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The G&H Commitment

Photonics is working tirelessly behind the scene to change the world and we are proud to be part of this revolution.

G&H is committed to being the reliable supplier of high performance photonic products that enable technology differentiators over the product lifetime.

We achieve this by having a world-leading, multi-disciplinary team of engineers, efficient product development processes and well-controlled material supply to continually push the boundaries of what is possible.

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The next generation of photonics, today

Photonics is an enabling technology affecting daily life. At G&H, we do our part by continually developing new technologies to ensure we are engineering for the future. Our technology developments are cross-cutting into key market areas such as biophotonics, laser based semiconductor manufacturing, submarine networks and space and aerophotonics.

Life Sciences and Biophotonics

Our innovative solutions in life sciences and biophotonics enable our customers to create new monitoring and treatment devices, making them more accessible, efficient and as non-invasive as possible.

Our devices are used in robotic and aesthetic laser surgery, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and optical coherence tomography (OCT). Medical device and in vitro diagnostic equipment manufacturers rely on G&H | ITL to design, develop and manufacture their next-generation equipment.

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Industrial and Telecom

Our track record in industrial and telecom solutions means our products are integrated into lasers for photolithography, semiconductor wafer processing and metrology, enabling our partners to constantly reduce the feature size of microchips. All these semiconductor devices could not fulfil their purpose unless they can communicate with each other, enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G/6G networks. This is where our high-reliability fiber optics come into play, deployed in undersea networks and more recently, for the first time, in space-based constellations.

The exponential increase of communication devices cannot be sustainable without innovation in energy efficiency and renewable green energy. G&H solutions are deployed in wind farms, optimising wind turbine energy harvesting. Everything in the world is interlinked, and at G&H, we work hard to engineer the future today.

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Aerospace and Defense

G&H supports systems innovation with our aerospace and defence solutions, designing and engineering for evolving applications, such as laser-directed energy weapon systems, infrared imaging and vision systems for increased situational awareness.

Space is no longer the final frontier; we now have the world’s first lasercom systems orbiting Earth, communicating with infrared laser signals. G&H is supporting pioneering new space photonic systems for low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations and feeder links.

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Innovation Hub in optical systems

At G&H, our commitment to translating innovation into action drives the creation of new environments that optimize our teams’ ability to develop and commercialize new ideas, products and customer solutions. This is the strategy behind our Optical Systems Innovation Hub in St Asaph, UK.

The hub is the heart of new optical systems with differentiated performance, enabled by our state of the art component base in our manufacturing facilities in the UK and US. The specialized engineering environment, houses our growing development engineering team, comprising specialists in fields as diverse as optical design, opto-mechanical analysis, electronics development, system testing and integration. The hub is set to further our focus on application areas, including aerospace and defense, space, life sciences and more.

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Engineering innovative solutions together

G&H works side by side with partners and customers to research, develop and engineer tomorrow’s innovative solutions today.

Complementing our core R&D portfolio, we also work on longer-term, high impact selected areas, such as next generation telecom systems using specialty fibers, photonic integrated circuit design and innovative packaging for biophotonics, as well as quantum sensing, timing and computing.

We work collaboratively with industry, research centers and academia to advance innovation in these areas. Talk to our R&D engineers to explore how we can work together to provide solutions for your next project.

The future of photonics is exciting and G&H is proud to be changing the world with photonics.


Enabling solutions for core applications

We focus our photonics expertise in designing, engineering and manufacturing to provide our OEM customers with the solutions they need. Whatever the application or environment, we can work with you to enable greater system efficiency and effectiveness.

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