Apprenticeships and early career


We offer apprenticeships at several of our UK based companies, providing hands-on experience, a career path, a salary and the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications while you work. Individuals entering the business will join a motivated operational team and gain knowledge and understanding of a range of operational, or manufacturing and engineering practices. We provide all of our apprentices with mentoring support.

Initially, apprentices will involve being trained in manufacturing disciplines to gain a product understanding and contribute to the company output. Following this, the opportunity to evolve into production engineering exists in order to work on design, development of new and existing products, process engineering, and supporting complex manufacturing tasks.

G&H St Asaph

Our St Asaph based facility is home to our Kent brand unity vision periscopes, vehicle sights and related equipment for armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) such as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. We work with military vehicle and manufacturers and around the world. The facility is also a center for expertise in opto-mechanical design and assembly.

G&H Torquay

At our Torquay site, we design and manufacture best in class fiber optics components and modules, for a worldwide customer base of industrial, aerospace and life science OEMs. Our products are used in a diverse range of applications including undersea intercontinental telecoms cabling, medical diagnostic and surgical equipment, oil and gas pipeline security and aircraft refueling.

G&H Torquay 2019 apprentices Matt Robertson, Will Lowry and James Faulkner
G&H Torquay 2019 apprentices Matt Robertson, Will Lowry and James Faulkner

In August 2019 we congratulated Matt Robertson on completion of his G&H Apprenticeship and progression as a Junior Maintenance Technician. Matt was our first apprentice to complete the new National Apprenticeship End Point Assessment scheme. This consists of performing practical and a technical interview before independent assessors from industry. He passed this with flying colours completing his NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Maintenance, a great achievement.

Also, we are pleased to welcome our 2019 cohort of apprentices to the Torquay team. Will Lowry and James Faulkner joined us under the Hi Tech Electrical and Electronic Engineering National Apprenticeship.

Early career opportunities: undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates

Our breadth and depth of technology expertise and manufacturing capabilities provide a range of opportunities for people seeking to start a career in hi-tech engineering, product management and operations. Internships and project-based work-placements, temporary summer vacation jobs through to individually tailored graduate/postgraduate training and development programs are available at different locations within the Group. We’re especially interested to hear from graduates and post-graduates in physics, electrical/electronics, mechanical and processing engineering and science.

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