Our commitment in the face of the Covid-19 Coronavirus challenge


As we face the challenge of the Covid-19 coronavirus, we are committed to ensuring the continuity of supply whilst ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and visitors.

The G&H Executive team is continually monitoring the situation across the Group and updating its policies and procedures according to the public health guidance of the governments and authorities in the territories in which we operate.

There are regular communications to all employees to ensure that such guidance, for example, in respect of personal hygiene and protocols relating to self-isolation, are understood and followed. We have updated policies relating to the restriction of business travel, visitors to sites and home working for office workers. Positive changes to sick pay policy have been implemented to discourage employees with coronavirus symptoms from attending work for fear of losing pay. We will continue to update company policies as the situation develops further.

The operational directors of our manufacturing sites have been briefed with corporate guidance on contingency planning. G&H sites and relevant global functions are managing our supply chain to ensure required parts are still available and a secondary source identified where possible.

Four of our six US manufacturing sites are open as they are exempt from State wide ‘stay at home’ orders. Namely, Moorpark, California, Boston, Massachusetts, Keene, New Hampshire and Baltimore, Maryland. Of the remaining two, Cleveland (Ohio) has now fully re-opened and returning to normal operation whilst Fremont, California is operating at around 50% of ‘normal’ capacity levels, which is an improvement on the temporary closures announced last month.

In the UK all of our manufacturing sites, namely Ashford, Glenrothes, Ilminster, St. Asaph and Torquay are open, though due to the unique nature of the Torquay facility we need to operate at reduced capacity in order to rigoursly adhere to the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines.

For all of our sites, wherever possible, those who can work from home are doing so and we have implemented a range of new health and safety measures to ensure we rigorously meet social distancing and all other relevant guidelines and regulations.

We will not exhibit at or participate in exhibitions or conferences until further notice.

Whilst the future actions of governments are fluid in this evolving situation, G&H continues to focus on production for our customers. Although we remain aware that there are risks, we will monitor and adapt manufacturing capability where possible to mitigate the risk of impacting customer deliveries.

If you have concerns relating to supply, or indeed have a technical or business related query, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This statement will be updated if there is any material change to the current situation.

Mark Webster
CEO G&H Group