Companies in the G&H Group

The G&H Group is comprised of and operates optoelectronics research and development, design and manufacturing facilities in Europe and the USA

G&H Europe & Asia


Head Office
Dowlish Ford
TA19 0PF

Gooch & Housego (UK) Ltd, trading as G&H Ilminster

Manufacturer of Precision Optical and Acousto Optic components and systems.

Gooch & Housego (Torquay) Ltd, trading as G&H Torquay

Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Components and Modules.

Kent Periscopes Limited

Manufacturer of periscopes and vehicle sights

Integrated Technologies Limited

Full product development and design, manufacturing and after sale service for the commercialisation of medical, diagnostic, analytical, precision electro- mechanical and laboratory instruments

Gooch & Housego (Deutschland) GmbH, trading as G&H Deutschland

Provides sales and administration support for Europe.

Gooch & Housego Japan KK, trading as G&H Japan

Business development and customer support for Japan.


Gooch & Housego (Ohio) LLC, trading as  G&H Cleveland

Manufacturer of Optical Crystals, Large Optics, Non Linear Optical Components and Electro Optic Components.

G&H (California) LLC, trading as G&H Moorpark 

Manufacturer of Ultra Precision Optical Components.

EM4 Inc, trading as G&H, Boston

Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Components.

Gooch & Housego (Palo Alto) LLC,  trading as G&H Fremont

Manufacturer of Acousto-Optic, Electro-Optic and Fiber Optic Components and Systems, and Oxide Single Crystal Materials for Optical Applications

Gooch & Housego (Keene) LLC, formerly known as StingRay Optics LLC, trading as G&H Keene

Specialist designer and manufacturer of high performance optical and opto-mechanical sub-systems for demanding defence and commercial applications

Holding Company Information
Gooch & Housego PLC

Registered office:

Dowlish Ford
TA19 0PF

Date of incorporation:1953
Country of incorporation:England
Registered number:526832
Financial year end:30 September
Listing date:12 December 1997