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Polymer Optics

Custom CNC Machined Optics

We have a long history of providing custom CNC machined optics or windows from specialized cast polymers. Our team will custom profile edges to meet your specific demands, using our CNC machining.

Working with our partners, we offer a special cell-cast, cross-linked acrylic material that offers unique features such as:

  • Excellent transmitted wave front characteristics: typically 2 to 5 λ/2.54cm
  • Wide range of thicknesses: from 0.5mm to 6.3mm in steps of 0.1mm
  • Close thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm
  • High internal transmission: ~92%
  • A wide range of colors, including long-pass IR filters
  • Low internal stress

For certain types of flat windows and flat mirrors, using a low internal stress cast material and machining it to the appropriate edge geometry is the best solution.

Our team offers you expertise in custom CNC machined optics in addition to diamond turning and molding lenses, mirrors and windows.

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