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Medical Device Design for Manufacture

Providing end-to-end design and manufacturing services for clinical and laboratory systems. Together with customers, we create and deliver game-changing innovation.

Testing a medical device at ITL Medical©️ Private

While G&H are renonowned for high-volume product development, through our Integrated Technologies Ltd (ITL) business, we allow pharmaceutical and medical device innovators to focus on what they do best while optimizing their go-to-market times and development budgets. Our ITL business offers specialized contract manufacturing with a global footprint and with operations that are fully compliant with relevant standards and regulations for medical devices.

ITL’s manufacturing expertise encompasses in vitro diagnostics, analytical laboratory instruments, medical devices targeting surgical guidance, drug delivery and monitoring, and organ transport. When you need medical device design for manufacture and your value derives from IP and your costs derive from manufacturing, contact ITL to see how we can optimize both.

To learn more about ITL’s capabilities, visit:
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